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The Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of McDonough County by Dr. Newton Bateman, and Paul Shelby, was published in 1907. Extractions are offered below. The entire two-volume compliation is available online (links to each volume are on our Resources page).

History of McDonough County begins in Volume 1 on Page 617 (portrait of Alex McLean)

Chapter 1 - The Beginning - Development (portrait of J. T. Adcock)

Chapter 2 - McDonough County Organized (portrait of Samuel J. Alexander)

Chapter 3 - Animal and Bird Life (portrait of Thomas & Sarah Andrews)

Chapter 4 - Topography and Flora

Chapter 5 - Geology - Mineral Deposits (portrait of James Arvin)

Volume 2 continues with Chapter 5, Page 633

Chapter 6 - Early Settlers - Their Hardships (portrait of Wm. B. Atherton, Amelia Atherton)

Chapter 7 - Political (portrait of Joseph B. Bacon, J. A. Beeley)

Chapter 8 - Court and Bar of McDonough County (portrait of Maria Lewis Bennett, Matilda Brown Bennett & George Bennett, John R. Bennett, Mrs. John R. Bennett)

Chapter 9 - Township History (portrait of Andrew Bi___, Edgar Bolles, I. N. Boyd, Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Brinton, W. T. Brooking, Mrs. W. T. Brooking)

Chapter 10 - Cities, Towns and Villages (portrait of Thomas A. Brooking, photo of log cabin, Macomb public square, Bushnell bank, James Cole Flats building in Bushnell)

Chapter 11 - Railroads (portrait of George W. Burpee)

Chapter 12 - Banking Institutions (bank photos)

Chapter 13 - Education - Schools and Libraries (portrait of Earl M. Byers, Bessie Byers, C. V. Chandler)

Chapter 14 - McDonough County Press (portrait of James C___, J. J. Campbell, Martha Cline, Isaac Cline, Thomas Cline, Andrew J. Cline)

Chapter 15 - Mormonism - The Mormon War (portrait of E___ Cole, Geo. M. Cole)

Chapter 16 - Military History (Portrait of Geo. __. Cole, James Cole, W. A. Compton, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Conwell, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Crain, J. ________, Albert Eads, J Etting)

Chapter 17 - Municipal Affairs - Public Utilities (portrait of P. H. Etting, Philip E. Elting, photos of court houses)

Chapter 18 - Public Buildings (photos)

Chapter 19 - Early Churches (photos)

Chapter 20 - Hospitals

Chapter 21 - Medical Profession

Chapter 22 - Industrical - Manufactures (portrait of C. W. Flack)

Chapter 23 - Hotel History (photos)

Chapter 24 - Political Campaigns and Poetry (portrait of W. J. Franklin, George Gamage)

Chapter 25 - Slavery Days - Underground Railroad (portrait of Mrs. George Gamage, Mr. & Mrs. Jacob George)

Chapter 26 - Old Settlers - Old Time Tales

Chapter 27 - Noted Visitors and Residents

Chapter 28 - Fraternal Organizations - Clubs

Chapter 29 - Criminal History - Noted Murders - Jails & Escapes

Chapter 30 - Biographical

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