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Tue Dec 16 5:52:31 2003
Name: Andrew James
Email: [email protected]
Subject: John W. Russell & Mary E. James & SURNAMES: RUSSELL, JAMES in McDonough County., Illinios
Text of Query: Looking for the Descendents' Of: John W. Russell & Mary E. James. Mary E. James is the Daug. Of: John James & Malinda Welch. It's not knowen who the parents are for John W. Russell. This the information that I have on John W. Russell & Mary E. James & Family.
John W. Russell was born Abt. 1830-1840 and died February 05, 1914 at the age 80 years old. John W. Russell, Married: October 09, 1854 in McDonough County., Illinois. Mary E. James is the Daug. Of: John James & Malinda Welch. Mary E. James was born October 18, 1838 Muhlenberg County., Kentucky. John W. Russell & Mary E. James farmed in Emmet Twp., McDonough County., Illinois.
Their Children are:
1. Marion Edgar Russell
Born: Abt. 1856
Place: Murray County., Iowa
Wife: Sarah C. Unknown
Born: Abt. 1854
2. W. J. Russell {Male}
Born: Unknown ??, ????
Place: Murray County., Iowa
Living: Lived in Oakland., California in 1921
3. Theressa Adeline Russell
Born: Unknown ??, ????
Place: Murray County., Iowa
Husband: G. K. Porterfield
Living: Lived in Oakland., California in 1921
4. Unknown Russell
Born: Unknown ??, ????
Place: Murray County., Iowa
Husband: D. H. Clark
Living: Lived in Macomb Twp., McDonough County., Illinois in 1921.
5. Louise Russell
Born: Unknown ??, ????
Place: Murray County., Iowa
Unmarried: In 1921
Living: Macomb Twp., McDonough County., Illinois in 1921
Any Information on Russell Family Line that lived in the area between 1850-1854 and 1921 on please contact me. My James Family line came to McDonough County., Illinois in 1845's and stayed until 1852 then went to Grandriver Twp., Henry County., Missouri until 1864. Any information on any of these Russell Families that I have posted will be a big help.
A. James
Mon Dec 8 14:42:49 2003
Name: Debra
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: Searching the Hire & Stookey families of McDonough County, IL. Also looking for burial records in Tennesse, Hire & Laomine Twsp. Thank you for your time.
Sat Dec 6 20:03:49 2003
Name: Jessie A.
Email: [email protected]
Subject: McAllister and Mitchell family
Text of Query: I am trying to find the birth dates, marriage date, and father's and mother's names of the following two individuals (my great grandparents)- Bertha Joy McAllister and Clarence H. Mitchell. They both died in Macomb, McDonough County, IL. All I can find are their death dates in the online death index for Illinois. Can anyone help? Thanks! - Jessie A. in Indiana
Thu Nov 20 8:26:23 2003
Name: E MacDonald
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Moore - MacDonald - Smith
Text of Query: Looking for information on Mrs T H Moore. She lived in Bushnell IL in 1907. Her maiden name was MacDonald. She also had 1/2 brother and 1/2 sister with last name of Smith.
Wed Nov 19 9:46:45 2003
Name: Shelley Tears
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Wayne L. Parkins
Text of Query: Location of burial of burial on or around June 8th 1990

Wed Oct 29 19:54:13 2003
Name: Donna Hankiewicz
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Annetta Dungan Dillon & Melissa Ann Dungan
Text of Query: lookng for any info on my great-grandmother Annetta Dungan (married name Dillon) and her mother Melissa Ann Dungan; both born in McDonough Co., Il. I especially would like to know where Annetta is buried. I know she died in Mcdonough Co.
Sun Oct 19 14:39:03 2003
Name: Richard Rieck
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Bristow, Duncan, Williams
Text of Query: I am looking for information on Josephine Bristow who died June 2, 1852 en route to Oregon; Dan Duncan, who died in 1852 west of Ft. Laramie; and Manuel Williams who died in 1852 en route to Oregon. All were from McDonough County. Thanks for any help. Richard Rieck, WIU, Macomb.
Sat Oct 11 14:00:51 2003
Name: Carol Knight
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Harding Waring
Text of Query: I am looking for information on my great-great-grandfather Charles N. Harding and his wife Elizabeth Waring. There is a CN Harding that resided here around the 1870's anyone have info on him??
Fri Oct 3 22:50:17 2003
Name: Sandra J. Wright
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: I NEED INFO FOR A BESSIE WHEELER born Oct 1892 in Fulton Co., IL and died 8 May 1977 in Macomb, McDonough Co., IL, burial in Bushnell City Cemetery. She was a daughter of Charles William & Mary Ann (Lybarger) Wheeler. My info for her is that she married a Paul Peterson. Their known children were: John R.; Doris, Joyhce and Betty. Can anyone help me with any of these people. Thanks,
Tue Sep 23 11:06:38 2003
Name: E MacDonald
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Moore - MacDonald - McDonald - Smith
Text of Query: Lookong for info on Mrs.T H Moore of Bushnell IL. She was daughter of Mrs.Ruth MacDonald of Sterling IL. From an Obit. of Ruth who died 1907 at the home of her son William Smith in Lincoln IL. Ruth was born Ruth Dunmore - married William Smith then married Anson MacDonald. Her daughter [Mrs Moore ] had the maiden name of MacDonald - McDonald or Smith
Sat Aug 23 7:09:09 2003
Name: Melanie Stevens Mattson
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: Looking for the obit of :
Esther Blaine Myrick Kirpatrick
(d. 2-2-1972 Macomb, McDonough Co, IL).
[email protected]
Sat Aug 9 18:24:42 2003
Name: Sherry Martin
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Harding, Workman, Hills, Massingill
Text of Query: Looking for Mary Workman and Hilary Harding, both born IL in 1830's...also John Hills and Sarah Massingill families...Thanks!
Tue Aug 5 14:33:37 2003
Name: LouAnn
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Eyler/Ridings
Text of Query: In 1859 Felicia Bethel Ridings m Philip Eiler. I have found no trace of Felicia since that marriage date. In 1862 Philip married Selinda Jane Study in McDonough Co., IL. They were divorced shortly after their marriage.
Does anyone have access to the 1860 census for McDonough Co.? the Mortality Schedule for 1860? or McDonough Co. divorce records? Cemetery records?
In 1895 her brother testified for another sibling. In his testimony, he stated that his sister died of comsumption, or so he understood. He lived in Schuyler Co. all his life. That leads me to believe that Felicia did not live in Schuyler Co. when she died.
I'd appreciate any help someone can supply!
LouAnn in NC
Wed Jul 23 9:12:43 2003
Name: Candy Hill
Email: [email protected]
Subject: DYE BECK
Text of Query: I am starting to research my Husband's family and found they may been in this area of Illinois .
The only names I have at this time are Andrew Jackson DYE and Harrison DYE , ANY information on this family would be greatly appreciated !!
If anyone is looking for the BECK name I do have a LOT of information on the family they were around Fayette and Shelby co. then spread out . I am happy to share information on them my web page is
Thank you for your time
Candy Hill
Edna Kansas
Sat Jul 19 21:50:52 2003
Name: Gwen Caldwell Quickel
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Davis and Johnson 1860's & 1870's
Text of Query: Mary Ann Davis married William Johnson sometime in late
1860's or very early 1870's. They lived in Macomb
Township, McDonough County, Ill., in the 1870's. My great
grandmother, Lula M. Johnson was born there in the early
1870's as well as her sister, Rosa Johnson and brother,
William Johnson. I am looking for any information on this
family. Thank you.
Wed Jun 18 21:21:39 2003
Name: Byron Palmer
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Prairie City Newspaper
Text of Query: Are there any records of the early Prairie City newspapers (1860-1880)? If not, would any of the nearby towns have Prairie City news (deaths) listed? Thank you.
Mon Jun 16 13:47:52 2003
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query:
Sun Jun 1 16:45:20 2003
Name: Larry M. Landis
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Landis
Text of Query: I am researching the Landis family in McDonough County. My father was Max Burdette, my grandfather was J. Edward, and my great grandfather was James Buchannon.
Sun May 18 12:09:09 2003
Name: Noreen H. Houpt
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Susannah Mays/Mace m Wm Harrison
Text of Query: Susanah Mays/Mace married Wm. Harrison license issued
30 March 1841 in MacDonough Co, IL A/40 330. Her birthplace listed as Tennessee. Has anyone seen evidence of Mays/ Mace family in the Tennessee Township area of McDonough Co.? I thought it slightly possible that she was from Tennessee township instead of from Tennessee state.
Any help finding forebears of this couple is appreciated!
Sat May 17 15:45:40 2003
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: I an seeking info on John James Adams who was the son of Robert A. Adams and Caroline Garrison. According to the death certificate I have he died January 29,1929 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetary in Macomb. His wife was Alice Annie Hastie(daughter of William Hastie and Susan Munson. According to the death certificate John lived at 430 W. Chase in Macomb. Does anyone know if this house is still standing and if there is anyone living it, any Adams still living there. Also have Alice Annie Hastie's death certificate, she died July 9,1936 and is also buried in Oakwood cemetary.
On John's death certificate the informant was Roy E. Adams( maybe be Ray E.). The physician on his death certificate was A. R. Adams. Was this A. R. Adams a relative of John's?
Also on Alice Annie Hastie's death certificate was an informant George Adams, Who lived in Jacksonville,Illinois.
If anyone has any information on this ,please email me----Thanks from Cindy
Fri May 16 15:26:57 2003
Name: Suzanne Goff
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Argyle
Text of Query: Does anyone know the history behind the name Argyle. For example, I know that Argyle Lake was named for the Argyle Hollow it was built from but where did Argyle come from?
Fri May 16 14:33:56 2003
Name: Melissa Calhoun
Email: [email protected]
Subject: State Census
Text of Query: Although there are state census records for McDonough County for 1855 and 1865, the 1875 census is not available (or may not have been taken).
Thu May 8 0:19:15 2003
Name: Gwendolyn Prater Dalseg
Email: [email protected]
Subject: State census
Text of Query: Dear List,
Did Illinois have a state census in the year 1875? I am trying to pinpoint my Benton family in McDonough County.
Wed May 7 22:29:15 2003
Name: Sharon Dunbaugh Allen
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: Looking for info on Samuel Lewis born circa 1805 in KY who married Elizabeth Dunbaugh(Dunbough) On 1850 Dubuque IOWA census. Did Samuel die @1861 in McDonough Cty, IL?? Did Elizabeth remarry? What happened to her daughter Mary E Lewis and her niece/nephew who were living with them: Edward and Mary Dunbaugh?? Appreciate any help! THANKS!
Sat Apr 19 20:06:41 2003
Name: Deanna Sinks
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Partlows/Grammant
Text of Query: Looking for information on Bluet(Block( Partlow and wife Lenna A. Partlow and daughter Sarah Grammant and husband Frank Grammant. They are on the 1880 census in Tennessee, MCDonough, Illinois. If anyone out there has cemetery records for this county, I would appreciate a look up.
Thank You.
Deanna Sinks
Sat Mar 22 8:27:12 2003
Name: Kay Barrett
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Ralph L Stoneking
Text of Query: I am looking for descendants of Ralph L Stoneking who was the son of Ruby Stoneking.Ralph served in 34th Infantry in
WWII. I have something I would like to pass on to descendants regarding his military service. This family was from McDonough/Schuyler
Co. Illinois
Mon Mar 17 20:05:18 2003
Name: Dorothy
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Smith,Twidwell,Thornton,Calhoun
Text of Query: Twidwell-Died at her home in Lamoine township, in McDonough County, ILL, September 9, 1873, Sarah Twidwell 65, wife of Thomas Twidwell. Deceased has lived in this County since her marriage to Mr. Twidwell in 1866. She was a kindly Christian woman highly respected by all who knew her. She leaves a husband and three children, namely William Smith, Rachel Thornton, Phoebe Calhoun and eight step-children. Her remains were taken to Round Prairie Cemetery near Plymouth for burial.
Fri Mar 14 11:40:22 2003
Name: Don Matson
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: I need the statistics of the John Richard Gilligan family that was on the 1870 McDonough County, Il. census. I have no idea what township they were living in.
Thank you.

Mon Mar 10 10:56:58 2003
Name: Judy Wolff
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Head and Miller
Text of Query: I am researching both Head and Miller surnames in McDonough county, and am also interested in families migrating from Washington Cty., KY.
I have changed my email address recently. It is now
[email protected]
Fri Mar 7 6:45:31 2003
Name: Rose Stout
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: Searching for parents or any additional info on both WILLIAM HENRY CRAIG b: 21 June 1845 Fulton Co, Illinois died & buried: 1933 Americus, Lyon, Kansas
EMMA FISHER b: Pennsylvania
(married:) 21 April 1878 McDonough Co, Illinois
Wed Feb 26 20:43:59 2003
Name: Amy
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Forrest Barth of Tamalco, IL
Text of Query: Anyone know of a Forrest Barth of Tamalco, IL. I know he has passed away. I would like to know if there is any surviving family.
Wed Feb 26 19:26:23 2003
Email: [email protected]
Tue Feb 25 10:51:36 2003
Name: Della Blomquist
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Riden/Anjal/ Tandy
Text of Query: I am looking to find the parents of Kathryn Riden Anjal who was born about 1887-8. She is buried in the Mt. Auburn Cem. I am also looking for information on Henry and Laura Tandy Riden.Henry is the son of David and Elamenia Myers Riden. Any help would be appreciated.
Tue Feb 25 10:51:19 2003
Name: Della Blomquist
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Riden/Anjal/ Tandy
Text of Query: I am looking to find the parents of Kathryn Riden Anjal who was born about 1887-8. She is buried in the Mt. Auburn Cem. I am also looking for information on Henry and Laura Tandy Riden.Henry is the son of David and Elamenia Myers Riden. Any help would be appreciated.
Fri Feb 21 13:30:34 2003
Name: David Herron
Email: [email protected]
Subject: HERRON
Text of Query: Dear listers,
I have been searching for my gggrandfather WESLEY CLARK HERRON. Here is the information I have on Wesley: WESLEY CLARK HERRON b. (by his own accord on civil war union muster records) July 20, 1833 KNOX COUNTY, OHIO (by other records) m. September 6,1865, Tamaroa, Perry Co., IL, MALINDA ELIZABETH BURGE b. October 24,1843, Wayne County, IL.,d. July 9, 1897, Jefferson County, IL., they had six children. Wesley served in the 84th IL VOL INF from 1862-1865. I first find written record of him in the Federal Military Census of 1861 and 1862 of men 18 to 45 in Emmet Twp., McDonough County, IL. He, after marriage in southern Illinois, returned to Emmet Twp., where in April 1869 their second child was born and died, being buried in the Sickle family cemetery in Emmet Twp., their third child, my ggrandfather, was born April 1870 in Jefferson County, Illinois, therefore, sometime between April 1869 and April 1870 they moved to Jefferson County. I have been unable to find Wesley in the 1850, 1860, or 1870 census. I first find him in the Federal census of 1880, in Rome Twp., Jefferson County, Illinois. He lists his father from VA, mother from ____ . Most of my information was gleaned from military pension records. After the government established the pension for Civil War veterans and their families; Wesley's widow tried hard to obtain a pension for herself and her children. The pension file is about a foot thick. I have all of Wesley's descendants to present, most of us have stayed in Illinois. Now for the kicker, which I can't connect. At the same time as Wesley's stay in Emmet Twp., there was an ALEXANDER G. HERRON living there, he was from Knox Co., OHIO, he (by written record) married, in Knox Co., Margaret SAPP also of Knox Co., June 9, 1836. Her family is well documented in the area of Knox Co. I find Alexander and Margaret in the 1840 and 1860 census of FAYETTE AND McDONOUGH COUNTIES, IL., but not in the 1850 census. Also their youngest child, a daughter, is buried in the Stickle family cemetery, not far from, Wesley's child. I have researched Alexander's children in hopes of a connection to Wesley, so far not connecting to them. Has anyone ever come accross the name WESLEY CLARK HERRON in their research? This is my brick wall. Thank you, David Herron in Peoria County, Illinois
Thu Feb 20 12:29:29 2003
Name: A. Gagen
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Wise/Coburn
Text of Query: Looking for information on Edwin B. Wise and Destina D. Coburn who were married in McDonough Co. February 2, 1863.

Mon Feb 17 12:31:13 2003
Name: D. Mathre
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Lockwood, Riley
Text of Query: Does anyone have info on Lewis Riley Lockwood, b. 1856 in Illinois and his wife, (Sarah)Louis Burrage Lockwood? This couple was married in 1876 in McDonough Co. 1880 census shows them with children James C. and twins, William and Willis. Lewis Lockwood may have been son of Liston Lockwood.
Wed Feb 12 16:14:43 2003
Name: Dorothy
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Twidwell/Smith
Text of Query: Correction: Lucinda was William Smith's wifes name and Sarah's sister Rachel Smith was married to Thomas Thornton.
Wed Feb 12 16:10:53 2003
Name: Dorothy
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Twidwell/Smith
Text of Query: I am looking for birth and death dates and the cemetery that Thomas and Sarah Twidwell are buried in. Mrs. Sarah Smith a widow married Thomas Twidwell a widower 6-12-1866 in McDonough County, Illinois. Sarah was born in NC and Thomas in VA. On the 1870 census they are living next door to Sarah's nephew and family Oliver Thornton. Her brother William Smith and wife Rachel are on the same page for Lamoine Twp. Oliver's mother was Rachel Smith Thornton the wife of Thomas Thornton and a sister to Sarah Smith Twidwell. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Mon Feb 10 6:52:34 2003
Name: Debbie Parnall
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: any info on origins of John Parnall b England 1818 or family history of any PARNALL or PARNELL.
Tue Feb 4 21:36:08 2003
Name: m taylor
Email: [email protected]
Subject: hughes
Text of Query: looking for allen brewer hughes, oletha hughes, oletha smith
Tue Feb 4 1:17:00 2003
Name: david ore
Email: [email protected]
Subject: HORE
Thu Jan 30 15:58:58 2003
Name: Becke Dawson
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: I am looking for information regarding the marriage of Fredric R. Prentice and Lucy Ann Kirk on December 7 1843 in McDonough County, IL. They had at least 5 children - the first ones born in Illinois and the remainder born in Iowa. It looks like they moved to Iowa about 1853/1854. Their children were Pitt, DeWitt, Ray, D.V.T (a male), and Mary. I believe that DeWitt married Lucey O. I found a record for Ray that states that he was born in 1855 in Iowa - he was in San Joaquin, California in 1880. I would appreciate any help that you can give!! Actually, I am looking for a possible daughter, Elzabeth, that was born around 1863 or 1864.
Tue Jan 28 19:18:46 2003
Name: Pamela Bick
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Humes
Text of Query: I am looking for information on the two daughters of Martin and Olive Humes. They lived in Bushnell, McDonough County in the late 1870's and 80's. The are Getta and Minnie Humes, sister to my g.grandfather, Franklin.
Thanks in advance.

Mon Jan 20 22:38:08 2003
Name: Jeanette Greiling
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Basil Andrew Duncan
Text of Query: I am interested in any information about my great-great grandfather Basil Andrew Duncan. I know that he was a physician in Industry around the time of the Cvil War.
Sat Jan 18 23:53:26 2003
Name: Delores Allen
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Patterson, Smith
Text of Query: William James Patterson was born Feb. 22, 1814 in Penns. He moved and lived around Industry Twsp during the 1870's and lived there perhaps until his death. 1870 census shows that he was a farmer. He had sons Jacob Randall born 6-12-1848 and Benjamin F. Patterson born 4-14-1851. Jacob married Martha Wilfong Industry County 4-25-1869. Also Jacob was in the Civil War with Co. K, 155th Infantry and shown living in Industry. Their children were James W., Emma B. who married James H. Hedrick, Benjamin M., John D., Edgar, Sarah E., Franklin. Some of this family left and went to Oregon. Not sure how many or if some stayed in Ill. Benjamin F. married Mary Jane Smith they left in the 1890's with their family, and perhaps the Smith Family for Ripley County, Mo.
Mary Jane Smith Patterson was the daughter of William Smith born approx. 1830 in Tenn. He married a Lydia____from Iowa. They moved around 1855 to Illinois and their children were Solomon, Carolyn, Mary Jane, Slyvester, Nance C., Elijah, Sarah A., and Preston. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with any of these family members.
Tue Jan 14 15:29:24 2003
Email: [email protected]
Mon Jan 13 21:50:27 2003
Name: Dennis McNally
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Charles & Nellie McNally
Text of Query: I am searching for information on my biological grandparents or any of their children. Their eldest son
was named Joseph Arthor (my father). Believed to have grown
up as oldest of 12 to 14 siblings in Macomb area in 1920-
1930's Possibly lived in rural farm area. Two of siblings
may have been named James and Shirley. Would greatly apprec-
iate any info. Have searched for over twenty years with little success. Thank you, Dennis
Thu Jan 9 18:15:44 2003
Name: mary hatcher
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Lews Frame Shop Macomb
Text of Query: can anyone tell me about this business if it still exists or when it did exist i bought a manuscript that has lews frame shop printed on back just trying to get a date thank you mary
Sat Jan 4 18:04:04 2003
Name: staci honts
Email: [email protected]
Subject: staci
Text of Query: i am looking for information on the schinckel family.they lived in illinois.

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