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Connie Alexander   9 August 2000
 Researching: ALEXANDER, MILLS
  On 09/19/1897 in Jersey County, IL  Henry Joseph Alexander b. 1875 d.1958 married Millie Francis Mills b. 01/06/1880 d. age 69 Feb or March. They
had 4 children, John Sanford Alexander b. 09/29/1907 (St. Louis Mo. County) d. 05/1984 , Anna Florence, b. 08/03/1909 d. 06/1984, Alice, and Teddy Ray
that died as an infant. Who are the parents of Henry Joseph Alexander, and Millie Francis Mills? Henry and Millie are buried in Industry, IL. Henry Joseph and Millie Alexander are my husband's Grandparents.

Barb Clay Adams   17 September 2000
Researching: PITTMAN
    Looking for information on  Permelia Garrison Pittman, widow of Byard Pittman (killed in Civil War). She was listed in Schulyer County 1860 Census Record
but do not know where she went after his death until her death in 1916. She is buried in Macomb IL. Would like information on their children, Rosetta M.,
George, Frank.

Joyce VanTassell   17 September 2000
Researching: ROGERS
    Looking for Francis Rogers who married Ellressa Clark  - have pics of them but don't know how they are related to my Ohio Rogers!! Also have Francis
Rogers, Frank Rogers who married Jennie (Woods?) Time period here is roughly 1870 - 1920 's  - very rough guess only!

Mark Sherman   17 September 2000
Researching: HOPWOOD
I believe my great grandparents were wed in McDonough county in 1870. Marriage license 4003, Joseph E.Hopwood to Sarah E.Davis. I am trying to learn
where in England Joseph was from and the names of his parents.

Kevin W. Daniel   17 September 2000
Researching: Ned, Minerva, Milt, Zack [surname unknown]
    I am trying locate a black family that moved to Macomb sometime after the Civil War. I am not sure of their last name. At least one was a slave of the Daniel family. Records support the tradition that there was a slave woman named Minerva who was brought with the family from Kentucky to Audrain County, MO. She married a negro preacher, named Ned, and had two sons, Milt and Zack.This family moved to Macomb, IL, where Ned preached. I have a little information to share with descendants of this family. Traditions in the family say that there was some continuing contact between the two families into the 20th century.

James Smith   18 September 2000
Researching: BLAND
    Am searching for family of Allen Bland and Elizabeth Elliott Bland. They had six children: Samuel James b.5 Feb.1839, married Mary L.Simmons 5
May,1860; Rachel Jane b.2 Sept.1841, m. John W.Simpson 4 March,1858; Mary Elizabeth b.6 April,1845, married a Humberd first and then Samuel Smith
m.24 Dec.1874; Parthena b.Jan,1847, died April 1847; Bernetty b.13 April,1849 m.Marion Sharp 28 Sept.1875; William b.26 Oct.1852 m.Laura
B. Barlo 23 July,1881. If any one has any information on this family I would galdly share what I have. I am from the Smith's.

Teresa Young   18 September 2000
Researching: CARTER, SOUTHER
    I am searching information on my great grandparents and great-great grandparents in Pennington, Illinois.
    My great grandfather is John Henry CARTER, born August 26, 1869 in Pennington, Illinois to William and Sarah CARTER. They have 5 children
that I know of: Sam CARTER, Albert CARTER, Willie CARTER, John Henry CARTER, ?--zo CARTER.
    John Henry CARTER was married to Mary Alice SOUTHER, born April 28, 1872 or 1873. They have 7 children: Blanch, Viva, Omer, Charlie, Beulah,
Buster, and Clara Bell Carter. Mary Alice SOUTHER's parents are ? unknown and Martha Souther of Pennington, Illinois. I do not know what is Martha's maiden name.
    They [Mary Alice Souther's parent's] have 6 children: Andrew SOUTHER, Earnest SOUTHER, Sally SOUTHER, Furenda SOUTHER, William SOUTHER, and Mary Alice SOUTHER.
    Any information you can help me with or share with me is much appreciated on my family. I would like to know the marriage dates, birthdates, birthplaces, etc. Many thanks if you can help me.

Dennis V. Carter   18 September 2000
Researching: BUDD
John Edward Walter Budd died 20 Feb1951, Eldorado Twp., McDounough County, IL. His widow was Ella/Opal Frances Pettit. Am seeking any info on Budd

Mike Seymour   22 September 2000
Researching: KALLASCH
    I am looking for any information on a Helen Kallasch who married Alen Hatch. They may have lived in Macomb, Il. or the immediate area. Helen's
father was Louis Kallasch of Brown, Co. Illinois and her mother was Linnie Mae Wood of Brown, Co. Illinois.

Linda Tutt   24 September 2000
Researching: BOOTH
    Searching for information on the family of William Booth, born 26 March 1834 in Dunham England and died 7 June 1914 in Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa, and Elizabeth Jane Whitford, born 10 June 1838 in Dunham, England and died 7 June 1914 in Mystic, Iowa. William and Jane lived in Colchester, McDonough County after they emigrated from England in 1864. They had 12 children, including Sarah, Elizabeth, Matthew, Mary Ann, Thomas, Edmund or Edward, Uriel
Roy, Robert, Hannah, Alice Jane, James Weaver and Stella. William was a coal miner and several of the above-mentioned children were born in McDonough County. Searching for any relatives of this Booth family with information to share.

John Moyer   24 September 2000
Researching: SMITH
    I am looking for birth or census data on Arthur Smith b. 28 Dec 1875 Macomb, McDonough County, Ill., the son of Gideon Smith Roberson. b. Jul 1844 and
Carrie Amanda (Oakley) Roberson born on 8 Jun 1852 in N.C.

Nicki Hazzard   26 September 2000
    Looking for information on Lycurgus Merrill (Merrell), Earl Preston Merrill (Merrell), and Samuel Phillips.

Anne Rose   3 October 2000
Researching: THRASHER
    I'm looking for Phoebe Thrasher, William Thrasher or Alice Thrasher. Phoebe Thrasher died between 1933-1944 in Macomb, Alice Thrasher died Aug.7,
1889. I don't have William's date.

Kate Welton Kuzmich   3 October 2000
    Are any Masonic Lodge records existing for the years 1840-1890 for Industry? Where can I find them?

Don Orr   12 October 2000
Researching: ORR, YATES
    Robert Robertson Orr of Hancock Co. m. Anna B. Yates of McDonough County, Nov. 1874. A W.T. Yates affirms their ages and that there is no legal
reason for them to not be married. Do you have a Yates family in this Cty. in 1870 or before that married into the Orr family. If so much more information and I freely exchange and relay mine. Orr-Yates-McCleese (various spellings)Casselman-Coleman-Miller-Tetrick-Johnson and many more.

Ruth Bright  6 November 2000
Researching: BROOKS, LEEPER
   I am searching for information concerning Amariah Harris Brooks and wife Eliza Leeper Brooks, they lived at Walnut Grove Twp, Good Hope, IL. Amariah died Aug 9, 1862.

Karen West   14 November 2000
Researching: HILL, MARTIN, WOOD
   Looking for any connection to William and Rachael Hill. Came to McDonough County in 1849 from Claremont County, Ohio. William was a native of Kentucky. I think that Rachael may have been Rachael Wood and the marriage date would have benn March 16, 1843 in Clermont County, Ohio. Children of this couple Martha, Emma, Sarah, James, Adeline, William, George, Mary E., Charles, John, and Thomas. Sarah Hill married Alvin S. Martin and she was my great grandmother.

Dollie Beller   26 November 2000
Researching: O'HARA, O'HARRA
   I am looking for any relatives by the name of O'Hara or O'Harra from McDonough County. I know that my GGgrandfather William and GGgrandmother Rebecca McComb had nine living children and some moved to McDonough County. I am going to Ireland in April and would love to find out where the O'Harra's or O'Hara's came from in Ireland.

Dorothy (Cooper) Spenst   1 November 2000
Researching: COOPER
   My great uncle Stephen Arnold Douglas COOPER was born on March 9, 1859, in McDonough Co., IL. At least that is what was on his son's Marriage Register. Can you check to see if S. A. Douglas was listed on the 1860 McDonough Co.,IL, Census? In 1850 his parents, James Cooper and Isabel Bartlow, were in Schuyler Co., IL, with three children: Thomas E. b. c1846, Sarah A. b. c1847 and James H. b. Apr. 2, 1849 and d. July 25, 1896. (The dates for James H. came from a Family Bible.) There are probably several children between James H. and S. A. Douglas and some after, one of them my grandfather b. 1863.

Terry W. Ryan   22 October 2000
   Francis Marion Purdum, b. abt. 1848, m. Ellen Aurelia Cox b. abt. 1850. Children: Burgess Purdum b. abt. 1869. Maude Florence Purdum b. 1879. Maude m. Robert Clark Temple. Perry Valentine Purdum, b. 1876. Other children may be Kate, Abbie, George and Phil Purdum. The Purdum family was in McDonough Co. in 1870. Any information on the families of Purdum, Cox, Temple, Clark, Fisher and Stewart would be appreciated, too.

Dianne Erwin   29 November 2000
   Researching William Southwood/Southward who was in McDonough Co. His wife was Sarah Jobe/Job.

Barbara   14 December 2000
Researching: KELLUM
   William and Rachel Kellum are buried in the Industry Cemetery and I am their gg-granddaughter, their son Moses A Kellum being my g-grandfather, looking for information on them and parents of William and Rachel Kellum (Thompson) )who were married in Preble, Ohio in 1842. William was b. 10/04/1820 in Ohio. Moses A. Kellum b. 1845-1910, in GAR., his wife Samantha J. Kellum b. 1847-1902, both of them buried in Steamboat Rock, Iowa.

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