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Anna L. Martin   2 October 1999
Are there any of the descendants of Moses and Rebecca FOSTER still living in McDonough Co. Ill.? He was living there in 1878 when the estate of his sister Betsy FOSTER was settled in Grundy Co. Mo. On the 1860 census of Grundy Co. Mo., he was listed as age 47, wife Rebecca, age 44, and children: Sarah M., age 21; William M., age 19; John, age 16; Jane A., age 12; and Adaline, age 9. I would like to correspond with anyone with information about this family.

Joan J. Coker   2 October 1999
Searching for Jesse C. COKER, who married Lucy Ann WRIGHT 11 April 1845 in McDonough Co. Ill. Had son James Marion COKER who also lived in McDonough Co. Would appreciate any info on either of these two. Thank you very much

Coleen Miller Barger   2 October 1999
I'm looking for information on the following families who lived in McDonough County in the latter part of the 1800s: John COBB, married to Anna LONG. Their son Robert Lee COBB married Rose Etta JACOBS (JACKSON) (born ca. 1869-70 in Bardolph), daughter of Erastus JACOBS and Mary Jane SNODGRASS (married in Bardolph in 1867). If you have information, I would love to learn more about these families. I am a direct descendant of them all.

Mike Congdon   3 October 1999
I'm looking for any information on John Henry & Mary Elizabeth CONGDON and also the Frank and Darius HICKS families. The John Henry CONGDON family worked on farms of the HICKS familes from 1886 when they arrived from Cornwall England, until around 1904 or 1905. They had a daughter Bessie born near Colchester on 28 Nov 1886 or 1887? Mary Elizabeth was killed by a runaway horse and buggy accident near Blandinsville on Oct. 29, 1902 and is buried in the Friendship Christian Church near Blandinsville. I believe it was possible that the HICKS might have known the CONGDON family in England.
Any Information would be greatly appreciated.

Ann Fagerroos   4 October 1999
I am seeking any information on Samuel WITHEROW (b. Sept 10, 1836), wife L Elizabeth Land, children. Originally from Hancock Co, was in Civil war (16th Inf from Fountain Green), died, was buried Glade City Cem, Blandinsville, McDonough Co. Believed to have a daughter, Ada born and buried there, too. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Ron Sellers   4 October 1999
My grandfather Ralph McKinley SELLERS was born in Illinois March 30, 1984, in what I believe was Macomb. Is there any information on him? His father was Miles Albert and his mother was Elizabeth Alice Sticklen.

Pat Smith   5 October 1999
I am looking for any information on Reuben KENNEDAY, wife Prudence WILBURN. They came to McDonough Co. about 1835 from Davidson Co. NC. I am looking for anything on their daughter Sally (Sarah).

Beverly Hodges   7 October 1999
My father Garnet HODGES was born in Colchester in 1894. He was the son of James Edward Hodges born in McDonough or Schuyler Co. in 1865.  His father was Benjamin Neal Hodges, died in Colchester in 1890.

Madelyn Donehue   7 October 1999
I am interested in any information on Fannie STERLING who lived in Blandenville. She died in McDonough County in 1979. Does anyone have any information on a Fanny TIPTON who was born in 1861 in McDonough Co?

Pam Bick   12 October 1999
Seeking help to crack my brick wall: Martin HUMES b. NY, believed to be living in Bushnell in 1879 when Franklin HUMES married Ida Bell BRADBURY 18 Sept. 1879. I believe Martin was a butcher who came to McDonough county from Avon, Fulton county. Any information on any HUMES in the area greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

Barb Hunziker   15 October 1999
I am looking for information on the families of William R. BRADLEY, son of J. Bradley and Lucy MURRAY Bradley of Hire Township.  William married Linneura F. CARMACK, daughter of William W. Carmack and Martra E. JOHNS also of Hire Township. They were married February 21, 1892 at the William Carmack residence.

Paul McCallum   21 October 1999
Looking for info on Archie McCALLUM who along with wife Mary and sons, Archie and Duncan, and daughter Isabel, moved to Camp Creek, Scotland Twp., Illinois from Campbeltown in Scotland in 1883. Duncan's bride Mary followed in 1884, and they had two sons Willie and Duncan junior, born in Scotland Twp.

Linda Cary   21 October 1999
Would like to obtain information on William  P. (Piatt/Platt) MACKEY (parents/siblings) family in McDonough County. He married Leon LOGAN 9/12/1878. Appreciate any info and will share decendant info.

Dave Sarles   22 October 1999
George B. PARKIN was born in Illinois 1851, appearing in the Fulton County 1870 Federal Census and settling in McDonough
County, probably Bushnell where he became a prosperous merchant. Seeking details about him and his family.

William H. PARKIN was born in Illinois in 1843, settling in Prarie City, McDonough County where he became a farmer and grain dealer. He died in Knox County in 1915 and was buried in Prarie City. Searching for information on wife and parents.

Jo Ann Loghry   23 October 1999
I am in search of the parentage of my husbands grgrgrandparents & the parentage of the gggrandmother. we are searching for her parentage, which is less documented. Her name is Ruth FRAKES, she was m. to Andrew Jackson DYE in McDonough Co. on Feb. 17, 1848. All I have been able to find out about her is that her fathers name is George Frakes, & her mother Catherine ????. I would like to be able to find more than that. I see from the census that there were about 8 or 9 of the Frakes family here in 1850, however Ruth & Andrew J. went to MO. then to Arkansas where he was killed in a shooting in 1891 in Gravette, AR. They are both buried in Centerton AR, but no stones to mark them. My husband's grgrandfather was their son, Cyrus Andrew (Simon) Dye. Then his grandmother is a daughter of Simon. Andrew Jacksons Dyes parents are James Dye & Barbara Livengood. If anyone has anything on this Frakes line I would love to know it. Thank you very much.

J. Geno   26 October 1999
I am looking for any information on Albert C. MILLER, who married Madge Maud ERDMANN in Palmyra, Missouri on November 16, 1905. On the marriage license it says that Albert C. Miller was from McDonough county, Illinois.  I also have a picture that was sent to Madge Maud Miller in Tennessee, Illinois. Any help would be appreciated.

Rev. Dr. Doug Showalter   27 October 1999
I am seeking information on the families/relatives of FRANCES HENDRICKSON [b: 27 Sep 1800, PA] and her siblings, SOLOMON HENDRICKSON [b: 28 Feb 1782, PA], JESSE HENDRICKSON [b: Aug 1790/93, Allegany Co., MD], who all settled in McDonough Co. These three and various of their children were buried in Scott's Cemetery in Bethel Twp. ANN HENDRICKSON [b: abt 1801/1804] may have been a sister.

These Hendricksons were of Swedish descent. Before coming to McDonough Co., they lived in the Columbiana Co./Carroll Co. areas of OH. I am particularly eager to discover their parents.

The children of Frances Hendrickson and her husband JOHN J. FOSTER are listed under another query [FOSTER] which I submitted to this site [please see next query. -R.].

The children of Solomon Hendrickson and his wife ELIZABETH WALLACE were:
--MARY HENDRICKSON [b: 27 Aug 1808, MD]--m: JOHN S. SCOTT 1825.
--JANE HENDRICKSON [b: 24 Jun 1810, MD]--m: WILLIAM TOLAND 1827.
--JOHN [Wallace?] HENDRICKSON [b: 4 Aug 1814]--m: Nancy --?-- 1834.
--FRANCES HENDRICKSON [b: 11 July 1817, OH]--m: LAMECH D. LITTLE 1840 in McDonough Co.
--AMOS HENDRICKSON [b: 10 Nov 1819; d: 1820]
--AMOS HENDRICKSON [b: 4 July 1821, OH]--m: ELIZA ANN CAMPBELL 1842 in McDonough Co.
--CATHERINE HENRICKSON [b: 30 April 1824]

The children of JESSE HENDRICKSON and his wife RUTH MAXWELL were:

--NANCY HENDRICKSON [b: 6 Mar 1821, OH]
--EVALINE HENDRICKSON [b: 27 Aug 1824, OH]--m: BURROW MASON 1846 in McDonough Co.
--OTIS PLIMPTON HENDRICKSON [b: 24 Oct 1828, OH]--m: NANCY ANN HOOTEN 1851 in McDonough Co.
--SARAH JANE HENDRICKSON [b: 27 Sept 1830, OH]
--MARY ANN HENDRICKSON [b: 9 Sept 1834, OH]--m: SAMUEL DOWNS. Also married: ANDREW J. WILHELM.

I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Rev. Dr. Doug Showalter   27 October 1999
I am seeking information on the families/relatives of JOHN J. FOSTER [b: 1798/99/93, MD] and his brother, FREDERICK LEVI FOSTER [b: abt 1792, MD] who settled in McDonough Co., IL. Earlier they lived in Carroll Co., OH, and possibly Schuyler Co. IL.

John's wife was FRANCES HENDRICKSON, sister of SOLOMON HENDRICKSON and JESSE HENDRICKSON of McDonough Co. John and Frances were buried in Scott's Methodist Church Cemetery in Bethel Twp. John owned Pleasant Valley Mill, just north of Colchester along the Lamoine River.

John J. and Frances had the following children [all married in McDonough Co., IL]:

--RACHEL FOSTER [b: before 1824]--m: HENRY M. GARRETT 1843.
--AARON FOSTER [b: abt 1824, OH]--m: SARAH ANN BEEBE 1848.
--MARIAH FOSTER [b: 5 July 1831, IL--m: DAVID SCOTT 1853.
--ELLEN FOSTER [b: abt 1832, IL]--m: JOHN SCOTT 1866.
--NEWMAN FOSTER [b: 15 Aug 1835, McDonough Co., IL]--m: MARIA PEARSON 1862.
--JANE FOSTER [b: 3 May 1828, IL]--m: (1) ANDREW JACKSON RHODES 1861 and (2) JOHN HENRY CAMPBELL 1864.
--SOLOMON A. FOSTER [b: 7 Jan 1841, Bethel, McDonough Co., IL]--m: (1) MARGARET JANE SMITH 1864 and (2) MARY
    BELL TURNBULL [Scott?] 1887.
--ELIZABETH FOSTER [b: abt 1843]--m: EDWARD SLATER 1862.

Frederick Levi Foster and his first wife [unknown] are said to have had the
following children:
--AARON FOSTER--m: Fanny Ann --?--.
--MARGARET C. FOSTER [b: 1822]--m: JEREMIAH SULLIVAN 1843 in McDonough Co.
--MARY ANN FOSTER [b: 1832]--m: ABRAHAM PURDUM 1853 in McDonough Co.

Frederick Levi Foster and his second wife, MILLIE MASON, are said to have
had the following children:
--SARAH ELLEN FOSTER [b: 3 Apr 1841, IL]--m: JAMES PURDUM 1860 in Schuyler Co., IL.
--JAMES FOSTER [b: abt 1843, IL]
--BURROW FOSTER [b: 20 Sept 1848]--m: MARY FUGATE 1865 in McDonough Co.
--THOMAS H. FOSTER [b: 4 Apr 1853, McDonough Co., IL]--m: ELLEN JANE WORMLEY 1875 in IL.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Rev. Dr. Doug Showalter   27 October 1999
I am seeking information on the families/relatives of EZEKIEL CAMPBELL [b: abt 1794, TN] and his wife JANE MODRELL who appear in the 1840 McDonough Co., IL census--located north of Colchester and south of Blandinsville Twp. They came to McDonough Co. in the early/mid 1830's from Owen Co., IN, and went to Andrew Co., MO in the early 1840's. They were married in Pulaski
Co., KY in 1816.

Ezekiel likely had a brother: DANIEL CAMPBELL and his wife SUSANNAH GOINGS who came to Sangamon Co., IL about 1828, then moved to Tennessee Twp in McDonough Co., IL. They appear in the 1830 Schuyler Co. census [Tennessee Twp area]. Daniel was elected Sheriff in 1836--supposedly the second one in McDonough Co. The family moved to Macomb Twp. Daniel died in 1842 on his way home from a trip south. Their children are said to have been:
--SHADRACK CAMPBELL--in McDonough Co. likely married (1): ELIZABETH RICE 1847, and likely m: (2) SARAH ANN WATTS in

NICHOLAS CAMPBELL who bought land in McDonough Co., IL in 1836 may also have been a relative of Ezekiel and Daniel--and there could have been others in McDonough Co.

Ezekiel and Daniel may have been sons of JAMES CAMPBELL [b: abt 1772] and HANNAH INMAN [b: 1774] who were married 23/28 Jan 1792 in Greene Co., TN.

Jane Modrell was the daughter of GEORGE MODRELL and his wife [likely] NANCY PAGE.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Marilyn Bolster Zimmer   1 November 1999
I am looking for any information on the families or descendants of :
Jessie M. BISHOP and Sarah Ann (JOHNSON) Bishop
Charles WARE and Caroline (WAGNER) Ware
Time frame would be 1850-1860.

Susan D. Prettyman   1 November 1999
I am looking for anyone with information about the SPRINKLE family. I am trying to trace Lee Roscoe Sprinkle b. in Fulton Co. but married Ruth E. Boyles (who is the daughter of Grace E. Dettra & Daniel Henry Boyles) and raised a family in McDonough County. I believe there were 12 children. Would appreciate any information available.

Clark Whiting   5 November 1999
James H. WHITING supposedly died in McDonough County, probably 1884/1887 period. I am looking for some documentation ie. Obituary, newspaper notice, cemetery list or other. His wife, Emily, and four chidren moved to Kansas in 1887. Any help appreciated.

Bev Nohr   7 November 1999
I'm listing the surnames that may have some history in McDonough county. My great aunt mentioned some reunion in Walnut Grove. (I was too uninterested at the time to pay much attention) Much of my family lived in the Praire City area. Many were in Warren county, but I'm hoping some that I haven't found yet were in McDonough county.
HALL: Wyatt Steven (WS) Leonard, Steven
WHITE, John and wife Deborah

Morton Dorothy   9 November 1999
Rhoda Stennett Dorethy is buried at Blandinsville South. Her husband, Robert Dorethy is supposed to have died in 1878. But, where is he buried? 

Stephen Fisher   9 November 1999
Searching for information on the Thomas Grant SMITH (1866-1939) and Coradelia Jane (MILTON) SMITH (1875-1922) family.  Children include: Peter, Dewey, Carrie (m. Emory YOUNG), Anna Mae (m. LOMAX), and Edith Jane (m. Truman FISHER). All are buried in Good Hope Cemetery. 

Polly Gilbert   10 November 1999
Searching for information on CARLOCK roots: Rachael CARLOCK b. 1836-37 m. John R. WALLIS/WALLACE.

Stephen Fisher   10 November 1999
Looking for information on Thomas ASHBY (1838-1908) and Nancy M. (WALTERS) ASHBY (1852-1946) family. Children include: Mary (m. Dora FARRIS), Florence (m. Charles H. FISHER),  Nellie (m. George NIELSEN), Emma (m. Elmer WHITE), and Anna Pearl (m. Guy HARDESTY). Family was prominent in Blandinsville and the surrounding area. 

Joy Kimsey   14 November 1999
I am looking for the parents of Finley C. FERGUSON (supposed to have been a Capt. in Civil War Illinois Calvary) and Matilde CUSH.  They were married in McDonough County in 1869 and later they moved to western Nebraska and eastern Colorado. 

Laura Neville Woods    21 November 1999
I am researching the McKAY family who settled in McDonough County around 1820. Alice McKay married James Neville somewhere in McDonough County--The McKay family is mentioned in the History of the Catholic Church in McDonough County on this website. In Alice McKay Neville's obituary (dated Feb. 1899 from the LaHarper newspaper in Hancock County) it stated that she was born in Ireland but moved to the U.S. in 1818 and then to McDonough County. Alice and James are my gggrandparents. Any information that anyone has would greatly help my research.

Rich Lowe    22 November 1999
Would like to hear from anyone with info on Lillian LOWE who married Frank Hagler in McDonough Co. 1/1/1896. Interest in knowing the parents and siblings of Lillian LOWE.

Jean Smalley   24 November 1999
Looking for Bethel OWEN and Nancy Ann ST. CLAIRE or SINCLAIR. Think her father was George. Married 20 July 1845 at Hills Grove, McDonough Co., Ill.

Susie Martin-Rott   26 November 1999
Looking for information on the family of Edward HARDY: son James Leonard Hardy b: 08 Jun 1878 in Blandinsville, McDonough, IL d: 15 Jun 1952 in Kewanee, Henry, IL married Bertha May Woodward b: 02 Dec 1882 in Kewanee, Henry, IL m: 01 Aug 1903 in Kewanee, Henry, IL by W. D. McLean  d: 26 May 1978 in Geneseo, Henry, IL. At the time of James Leonard's death in 1952, his obituary stated that he was preceded by 4 brothers and two sisters. The only remaining of the Hardy children was Carl Hardy who was still listed as living in Blandinsville at that time. Am interested in finding the names of the other siblings as well as that of their mother (wife of Edward).

Hugh McIlhenny   10 December 1999
Seeking missing information, please, as part of a 1919 McILHENNY history book update, for a branch of our family that resided near Doddsville, Illinois in the 1800s. Robert Crawford McIlhenny, who was born in 1824 at our home of origin for generations near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, married a Harriet McCoy, born near St. Clairsville, Ohio in 1838, and apparently moved to somewhere near Doddsville and raised a family of eight children: Edward Stewart (a son was Ross Dwight), Ross Bentley, Louis Victor (with five
children), Laura, Robert Orr, Elsie (with three children), Mary and Hattie McIlhenny. As essentially only birthdates are recorded for Robert, and his children (1861 through 1882), with little additional information other than for the families of Elsie and Louis Victor, does anyone have knowledge of this family and any of their descendants, or could you refer me to a source that would help to bring those family records up to the present?

Don Johnson    13 December 1999
Looking for information on Valentine A. McCOY who married Florence J. SCOTT in McDonough Co., Nov. 26, 1885. Did they live there, or just married in that county? Valentine's parents were Henry and Nova McCoy and lived in Hancock Co., Illinois. Any help in tracking down Valentine and Florence would be appreciated.

Beverly xxx   14 December 1999
Harry Otis DEPOY married Louella GAMBLE; their son Harry O'Dell DEPOY b. 15 May 1901 Colchester, McDonough Co, IL, d. 1993 Colchester, McDonough Co, IL, married 1917 McDonough Co, IL Welthy POWELL b. 12 May 1901 Colchester, McDonough Co, IL.

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