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Obituaries - Albert W. HAMILTON

Died -- Feb. 5. 1864, Albert W. Hamilton, son of H. and R. Hamilton of Walnut Grove, Ill. aged 13 years.
    Albert was an interesting boy, of more than ordinary intellect for one of his age. He was a diligent scholar, took great delight in the Sabbath school of which he was a constant attendant. Among his playmates he was affable and kind, and consequently was greatly endeared to them. In the family he was obedient and quiet. He was truly a good boy: but death claimed him and took him away from the family, the school and the associates of his youth.  The following verses were handed me by his mother with the request to attach them to the above obituary:
"Alas! thou art gone -- and forever,
From earth and thy labors of love, Thy fond presence we ne'er shall recover,
To point us to mansions above; Thy voice which to us was so charming
And soft as the dove's soothingly, Has ceased with its accents to cheer us
And gladden our sorrowful way.
*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
Ah! ne'er shall we greet thy returning
Tho' oft we regret thy delay; No sighing or sorrowful yearning
Will shorten thy wearisome stay, Yet thy spirit in realms of bright glory
With the ransomed its harp will resound, Repeating the heavenly story ---
"Tho' once I was lost -- now I'm found."

Contributed by Debbie Hamilton

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