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Obituaries - Charles CUSHMAN

The Rushville Times, September 23, 1906
Charles Cushman Of Macomb Killed At The Fair Grounds By Negro
    Charles Cushman, a special policeman on duty at the fair grounds at Macomb was shot and instantly killed on Wednesday night of last week by Wm. Dorsey, a negro gambler. The policeman raided a crap game on the grounds that was run by the negro and flourished his revolver to enforce his commands. The tent was full of negroes and the one in charge of the game resisted interference by the officer and drew his gun, an automatic weapon of the latest pattern. A battle at short range was the outcome and the policeman was shot thru the heart and died where he fell. There were probably eight shots or more fired, as the policeman's revolver showed four empty cartridges and the negro fired that number or more. After the shooting the negro left the fair grounds and hid in the corn, and altho the sheriff and city officers hunted for him that night he could not be found.

Captured Near Rushville
    Thursday at noon word was received in Rushville that an officer had been killed at Macomb by a negro and that the murderer was at liberty. That same day City Marshal Ingles had business in Littleton and started to drive to that village. When near the Applegate hill he passed a negro in the road, but at that time did not know the man was wanted. Farther along on the road he met Oscar Aulger and Jesse Hale, who had received news of the murder and had started out to capture the negro. Marshal Ingles joined them in the chase and they all turned back. By making inquiries they learned that the negro had inquired about the nearest railroad station, so they started east towards Ray. Marshal Ingles afterwards came back onto the Rushville-Littleton road near Moore's chapel and soon afterwards located the negro near Wheeler Moore's farm.

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