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Cumberland Presbyterian Church

The following material is contained in the Walnut Grove Church Subscription Book. The old Walnut Grove Church was at one time located on property owned by Levi Hamilton.

Walnut Grove
March 17, 1855
We the undersigned petition the Rushville Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church for the ministerial labors of one of her ministers three Sabbaths in each month for the next six months for which we servenaly agree to pay the sums anexed to our names against the expiration of said time.

Harrison Hamilton p $5.00
Charles Creel p 5.00
Parthena Creel pd 1.00
Levi Hamilton p 8.00
Silas Hamilton p 5.00
U. S. Hamilton p 5.00
C. Stubbs p 5.00
Wm. Hamilton paid 3.00
A. A. Snapp pd 2.00
J. A. Creel paid 2.00
B. T. Stapp paid 3.00
Total $44.00

S. H. Hamilton p $1.50
C. Creel p .30
Elizabeth Creel p .50
Elizabeth A. Creel paid .50
Levina Snapp paid .50
Marttia Peack p 1.00
Malinda Hamilton p 1.50
Hannah Alexandria p .50
Hannah Balance p .50
Mary N. Creel p .50
Mary J. Creel paid .50
W. J. Scott p 3.00
Samuel McWhinney p 2.00
J. H. Snapp paid 6.00
Matthew Inmon p 1.50
Jesse ? Inmon p 1.50
W. T. Broking p 7.00
John A. Diddle p 1.00
M. Vincent p 2.00
David Holler paid 1.00
Joseph Miller p 1.00
W. H. Thompson p 1.00
Total $34.30

John Wailing paid $ .50
J. J. Neel .50
Mary Ballance paid 1.00
Davie Kepple paid 2.50
Ann Kepple paid 2.50
T. T. Creel paid 1.00
D. M. Creel p 2.00
Durham Creel p 8.00
T. J. Hoagland paid 1.00
James Creel paid 3.00
George Creel 1.00
M. B. Robinson p 1.50
W. J. T. Wilson p .50
J. E. Robinson p 1.00
John B. Stapp p 6.00
Benj. B. Stapp p 4.00
Mary Stapp pd .50
Total $36.00

Grand Total $114.30

Sept. 18, 1858
Hon James B. Stapp - minister

Contributed 1999 by Debbie Hamilton

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