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Scott Cemetery

Scott Cemetery, Lamoine-Bethel, McDonough County, Illinois.

For a good many years I have wondered how many married people have been buried in Scott's Cemetery, no record having been kept and each one burying in it as he pleased. It was hard to keep track of those buried there, and what makes it still more difficult is the fact so many have no tombstones to mark their graves.

The first person buried there was Olive Holton, grandmother of the writer, who was buried in Oct. 1836. Joseph Carter was the second and John, a two year old child of Issac Bartlett was the third. The next I do not remember. I have spared no pains to have the record of the married people as correct as possible and possibly some names left out, but they are few. I have lived in the vicinity ever since we came to Illinois in 1835 and was present when my grandmother was buried. I got the list of names up in the first place for my own satisfaction and when I read them to neighbors they said "Why don't you have them printed?" So I have given it to the public and make no apology for it.

Henry A. Holton

Mrs. Warren Avery
Reuben Alexander and wife

John Bennett
Mrs Edgar Bennett
Jacob Burgers and wife
Thomas Burress
Mrs. Robert Burton
Mrs Adam Bodenhamer
Mrs John Bodenhamer
Frank Burress
Geo Brooks and wife
Mrs James Burton

John Coonrod
Mrs Frank Cox
Mrs Mary Clark
Mrs Ella Cox
Ron Cox
Mrs Clarence Case
Joseph Carter and wife

Mrs Joseph Duncan
Mrs Andrew Duncan
Wm Duncan and wife
Andrew Davidson
Mrs Malichi Downes
James Downes
Mrs Abel David
Samuel De Garmore
Mrs Thomas De Garmore
Zach Dixon
Thomas Davis
Mrs Alber Davis

David Ensley and wife

Mrs Levi Foster
John Foster and wife
Matrin Fugate and wife
Wesley Fugate and two wives
Mrs James Fugate
Mrs Jesse Fugate
Mrs Thos Fowler
James Folsom and wife

Wm Holtson and wife
Reuben R. Holton and wife
Wm Holton Jr. and two wives
Mrs Henry A. Holton
Charles E. Holton and wife
Solomon Hendrickson and wife
Mrs John Hendrickson
Amos Hendrickson
Jesse Hendrickson and wife
Robert Hendrickson and two wives
O P Hendrickson
Wm Q. Hendrickson
Thomas Hendrickson
James Hendrickson
Wm Hooten and wife
Wm H. Hooten
Downing Hooten and wife.
Daniel Huff
Wm Huff
Grange Higby
Andrew Hattery
Richard Hall and wife
Mrs Rolmont Hall
Alomzo Hatch
Geo Harrison
Mrs Wm Hook
Andrew Holmes
Mrs Charles Hale

Mrs Uriah Ingram

John Kennedy and two wives
Reuben Kennedy and two wives
Sherwood Kennedy amd wife
Mrs Wm Kennedy
Mrs Simeon Kennedy
Geo Kennedy
Wilson Kennedy
John A. Kirkpatrick

Lemick Little and wife

Mrs Perry Tliland

Thomas Mathews
Mrs Malichi Monk
Simeon Morris and wife
Samuel Morris and wife
John Morris
Mrs Wm Morris
Burrow Mason, mother and wife
Jack Mason and wife
James Mason and wife
Mrs Patrick Mullen
James Mullen and wife
Mrs Ben Maxwell
Mrs Wm H McDaniel
John Moon

Mrs Thomas Price
Mrs Reuben Powell
Mrs Fred Patterson
Samuel Purdum and wife
John Purdum and wife
Orlando Pomeroy
Albert Payne
Mrs John Pettasch
Mrs John W. Plokett

Joshua Ruggles
Jack Rhodes
Harmon Rush
Mrs John Reeves
Jack Rigsby, mother and wife

Mrs John Shelton
John Scott and wife
Mrs Solomon Scott
Mrs Wm. Shelton
Mrs Frank Scott
Mrs Edward Slater
Peter Straum and wife
Mrs Thomas Shoopman
Harvey Spivey
Mrs Alex Sluler
Jesse Shuman and wife

Wm Twaddle, mother and wife
Geo Twaddle and wife
Mrs Marcine Twaddle
Mrs Thomas Tucker
Mrs Wesley Tipton
Wm Toland Sr and wife
Mrs Wm Toland Jr
James Toland and wife
Mrs Marion Toland
Mrs Charles Toland

Mrs Issac Valentine
Mrs Thomas Van Winkle

Henry Weir and two wives
Brummel Weir
Mrs Elizabeth Weir
Jacob Weir and wife
Mrs Ham Weir
Hugh Wear and wife
Mrs John A Wear
Chas Wilson
John V. Wilson and wife
Mrs Link Wiley
Thos Welborn
John Ward

Mrs Frank Reece

Contributed by Patricia Kennedy Smith [email protected]

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