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J. H. Rexroat

REXROAT, J. H. — The qualities of industry and common sense, so essential to the successful conduct of a farm, find expression in the life of J. H. Rexroat, representative of one of the pioneer families of McDonough County, and owner of a valuable farm of 350 acres in Emmet Township. James Rexroat, the father of J. H., was born in Kentucky, a son of Peter Rexroat, an early settler in the Bourbon State, while his mother's maiden name was Jane Moyers, a native of Iowa. The Rexroats were typical early settlers, not only because they had little when they came here, but because they were persevering and hopeful, and counted no sacrifice too great to achieve their purpose in life. They were frugal in their expenditure and simple in their tastes, and their children were taught to use their hands, and make themselves useful in house and field. There were twelve children in all, and J. H., who had both older and younger brothers and sisters, was born in Scotland Township, McDonough County, April 24, 1862. Mr. Rexroat remained under the family roof until his twenty-first year, when he went to Clay County, Neb., where he became owner of a farm and lived thereon for several years. Returning to McDonough County, he bought a farm near Industry, but two years later sold it and purchased a farm near by, occupying the same for five years. As on the previous occasion, he sold this property at an advantageous figure, and bought his present large farm, to which he contemplates making additions in the near future. While a general farmer in the broadest sense of the word, Mr. Rexroat makes a specialty of stock, purchasing, raising, feeding and selling the same in large numbers. He is very progressive in his methods, has abundant facilities for conducting his farm along modern lines, and avails himself of the best knowledge obtainable from private sources, the agricultural colleges, and late periodicals.

In 1884 Mr. Rexroat was united in marriage to Viola Greenup, who owes her nativity to McDonough County, and who was educated in its public schools. Mr. and Mrs. Rexroat are the parents of eight children: Lewis, Ruby, Leroy, Lee. Mae, Ethel, Bessie and James.

The promotion of scientific agriculture constitutes an absorbing, but by no means the only interest of Mr. Rexroat. His strong personality, pronounced and practical views upon important questions and large fund of general information render him an important factor in many avenues of local enterprise. He is stanchly devoted to the Republican party, and while in the main opposed to office holding, served two years as Supervisor of Emmet Township. He is an appreciator of the moral and general benefits which arise from connection with time-honored fraternal organizations, and is a member of long standing of the Masons, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and the Modern Woodmen of America. The energetic and forceful spirit of the Middle West finds an intelligent exponent in this well-known farmer, who has never contracted the habit of resting on his laurels, but who pushes unceasingly forward to better agricultural, educational, social and moral conditions.

Source: The Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of McDonough County, compiled by Dr. Newton Bateman, and Paul Shelby, 1907, volume 2, page 988, extracted 29 May 2020 by Norma Hass.

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