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George C. Meador

MEADOR, George C. — It is doubtful if any town in Illinois has as large a percentage of retired farmers as Macomb. This reliable class, who have learned their lessons in the hard school of practical experience, and many of whom have undergone the ordeal of pioneership with no lessening of the enthusiasm and courage which drove them from settled communities into the trackless wilderness, represent the bulwark of central western civilization. All have a competence, and as a rule their labor has brought them peace of mind and the consciousness of well doing. No exception to this rule is found in George C. Meador, sixty-one years of whose life have been spent in McDonough County.

The first ten years of his life Mr. Meador spent in Nashville, Tenn., where he was born August 5, 1824. His father, Jesse Meador, was born in Franklin County, Va., a son of Watts Meador; and his mother, Nancy (Chuning) Meador, was born in the same State and county, a daughter of George Chuning. George C, who is a twin, and the second youngest of six children, moved with his parents to Schuyler County, Ill., in 1837, settling on a farm of forty acres in the vicinity of Industry. In 1845 he and his brother moved to McDonough County, where each purchased a similar piece of land, making 120 acres in all. This property eventually came into the possession of George C. who added to it until he owns 520 acres. He proved an intelligent and progressive landsman, keenly alive to the benefits of country life, and with sufficient managerial ability to wrest the best possible results from his property. He was successful both as a general farmer and stock-raiser, and when he retired from active life to Macomb in November, 1890, he left a farm to the care of others which, for productiveness and equipment, had few equals in its neighborhood.

February 15, 1849, Mr. Meador renounced bachelorhood and married Mary Ann Pittman, who was born in Todd County, Ky., and whose family came early to McDonough County. Mr. and Mrs. Meador are the parents of eight children; Eugene B.; Emma, now Mrs. Manlove; Jesse; Mrs. Palestine Atkinson; Jennie, wife of George Munson; Mrs. Alice Messmore; Mrs. Onie Martin: and Mrs. Ina Lawyer. Mr. Meador concerned himself but little with affairs outside his immediate interests. He took a keen delight in the education and training; of his children, and regarded the advantages he was able to give to them as one of the greatest compensations of his career. All were taught the value of education, of industry and high ideal, and all reflect credit upon the parents who directed their childish steps to the threshold of their independent lives.

Source: The Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of McDonough County, compiled by Dr. Newton Bateman, and Paul Shelby, 1907, volume 2, pages 956-957, extracted 12 Sep 2019 by Norma Hass.

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