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Presbyterian Church, Good Hope

At the fall meeting, in 1868, of the Presbytery of Warren, a committee was appointed, consisting of Rev. R. C. Mathews, D. D., Rev. R. T. McMahan, and Ruling Elder, M. Lichenthale, to visit Good Hope and organize a church, if the way be clear. Accordingly, said committee, except the elder, met at Good Hope, January 30, 1869, and after a sermon by Rev. McMahan, the chairman stated the object of the meeting. After consultation the committee proceeded to organize the church. There were received as follows: From the Shiloh Presbyterian church--James A. McClelland, Mary C. McClelland, Warren S. Bruce, James M. Hummer, Helen Ann Hummer, David Campbell, Mrs. Winnifred Campbell, Ebenezer Campbell and Mrs. E. Duel; from the church at Macomb were the following--Joseph Rollins, Mrs. Harriet Rollins, Mrs. Jane M. Painter, Miss I. Ella Rollins, Aaron Bennett, and Mrs. Rosella Bennett; from the Cumberland Presbyterian church at Walnut Grove--Mrs. Rebecca Brawdy, Miss Catherine Brawdy and Mrs. Matilda Morris. J. A. McClelland and Aaron Bennett were elected ruling elders, Joseph Rollins and J. M. Hummer, deacons; F. Cruzer, clerk and treasurer. In the fall of 1869 he was elected ruling elder, but was not installed. Rev. Thomas M. Hench was the first stated supply, and was subsequently chosen pastor, but was not installed. He was succeeded by Rev. A. F. Ashley, who supplied the church about two years, commencing in 1870. In December, 1873, Rev. I. T. Whittemore, took charge of the church, and in October, 1874, was installed pastor. The present pastor, Rev. L. C. Littel, of Rushville, holds services every two weeks. The present officers of the church are John Cochran, Allan Walker, W. J. Edie and P. Van Pelt, elders; M. H. Bush, J. A. Cochran and J. A. Brown, deacons; J. A. Brown, A. A. Walker and W. J. Edie, trustees; P. Van Pelt, clerk.

The system of rotary eldership was adopted in December, 1875. The church edifice was erected in 1869, and is located on block one, lot six. It is a good frame structure, 40x60 feet in ground area, and cost about $4,000, with a seating capacity of about 300. There is also a Sunday-school in connection with the church.

Source: The History of McDonough County, together with sketches of the towns, villages and townships, educational, civil, military and political history; portraits of prominent individuals, and biographies of the representative citizens, 1885, page 433. Transcribed by Karl A. Petersen

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