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Presbyterian Church, Doddsville

The following sketch of this branch of the church militant was originally prepared by Henry Black, and published in a former history of the county:

By request, Schuyler presbytery appointed Rev. William K. Stewart, James M. Chase and Elder Briscoe a committee to visit Doddsville, and, if the way was clear, to organize a church. Accordingly, these brethren visited Doddsville, held services in the house of Andrew Walker, in that village, on the 29th day of July, 1843, and proceeded to organize a church of 17 members. The names of the original members are as follows: Andrew Walker, Ann Walker, Charles W. Walker, Rachel Walker, John M. Clark and Mirah Clark, Margaret Hodge, Rebecca Clugston, Isabella Clugston, Jane Clugston, Hettie McCoy, John Scott, Rachel Scott, Sarah Black, Maria Black, Thomas Shannon and Elizabeth Shannon. Andrew Walker was elected ruling elder. The next day, Sabbath, the sacrament of the Lord's supper was administered, and the church established. Of the original members, eleven were from near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, four from near Urbana, Ohio, and two from Virginia. On the 17th of September, about seven weeks after the organization, Andrew Walker, elder, was called to his long rest. The following named ministers have served as supplies to the church: Revs. John Hoge, James M. Chase, John Marshall, Cyrus B. Bristow, Joseph H. Marshall, James T. Bliss, George A. Hutchison, Henry C. Mullen, Preston W. Thompson, and now, the Rev. H. C. Mullens. The Rev. Mr. Davis, a missionary of the New School branch of the church, also preached a short time. These were all stated supplies, except Rev. Joseph H. Marshall, who was a regularly installed pastor. The following persons were elected and served in the eldership: Andrew Walker, John M. Clark, John G. McGoughy, David R. Hindman, James McDavett, Elijah Hindman, John McMillan, Hugh L. McGoughy, Thomas Conner, Thomas McCoy, Henry Black, William Pollock, and John Colleasure. James Colleasure was elected, and would have accepted, but died before ordination. The following named persons were elected and served as deacons of the church: George Bair, William H. Black, Samuel C. Hoge, John H. McGrath and James Colleasure. The old church, vacated in 1876, was built in 1851, as far as in closing was concerned, when it was taken possession of, but was not completed until the summer of 1855, four years after, consequently it was never dedicated as a house of worship. It cost about $900. The first revival was in February and March of 1858, under the ministry of Rev. John Marshall, when 28 members were received--22 on profession and six on certificate. The second was under the ministry of the Rev. James T. Bliss, in January, 1867, when 11 members were received--nine on profession and two on certificates. The third was under the ministry of Rev. George A. Hutchison, December, 1867, when 11 members were received on examination. The fourth was under the ministry of the Rev. H. C. Mullens, in union with the Rev. Mr. Garner, of the Methodist Episcopal church, when six members were received on profession of their faith. This was in March, 1873. The fifth was in October, 1874. This meeting was under the direction of the Rev. Neil Johnston, an Evangelist, when God was pleased to pour out his spirit most copiously, 35 being received to membership on the profession of their faith in Christ. The church was organized with 17 original members. At the close of the Rev. John Marshall's ministry the number was 70; run down again by deaths and removals until only 46 actual members remained. After the revival of 1874 there were reported 80 members to the presbytery, which was the highest number the church ever attained--70 being the present membership. As near as can be ascertained, about 200 is the full number of memberships ever belonging to the church since the organization.

Source: The History of McDonough County, together with sketches of the towns, villages and townships, educational, civil, military and political history; portraits of prominent individuals, and biographies of the representative citizens, 1885, pages 435-437. Transcribed by Karl A. Petersen

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