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Reminiscences - Robert L. Dark

I first came to McDonough county in 1829 and with my family camped upon Camp Creek. The Indians were then still numerous in the county and often came to our cabin. My wife could not rid herself of a natural fear of the red man, and desired to return to Schuyler county, from which we removed. To this I objected. Twice, while I was away, she packed up all our household goods, preparatory to starting, but I returned just in time to stop all such proceedings. Business again called me away, and I had no sooner left than she again packed up, and loading the goods on the wagon, with our two little ones she started for the vicinity of Rushville. I met them a short distance from the Schuyler county line and tried to prevail on her to return, but this time without avail. No amount of coaxing could make her change her mind. As "the mountain would not go to Mahomet, Mahomet would have to go to the mountain," so I went with her, and we settled near Rushville, where we lived about four years, and as a considerable settlement had been made near the present town of Industry, I again prevailed on my wife to go with me to McDonough county, where I settled on the farm on which I now live, on section 30, Industry township. I have never regretted so doing, notwithstanding we have seen hard times, yet we believe "all is for the best."

Source: History of McDonough County, Illinois, It's Cities, Towns, and Villages with Early Reminiscences, Personal Incidents and Anecdotes, and a Complete Business Directory of the County, by S. J. Clarke, published in 1878, page 589.

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