McDonough County 2001 & 2002 Queries


Thu Dec 26 11:32:47 2002
Name: Kristan Speece
Email: [email protected]
Subject: I am searching for descendants from the Moates family.
Text of Query: I am searching for any helpful information about the Moates family who lived in S.C., GA., OK.,TX.,and some of the states around there.I have many names and leads but I need some help putting my information together. If you would contact me with helpful information I would greatly appreciate it.Thanks.
[email protected]
Tue Dec 17 11:46:42 2002
Name: Bonnie Colson
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Kimble Kemble
Text of Query: I'm looking for any info on the first William Kemble to come to America from Devonshire with 2 brothers and his wife Mary and 5 Boys Peter John Jacob William and a baby who died on the trip
Fri Dec 13 16:58:53 2002
Name: debra leverett
Email: [email protected]
Subject: roberts, david
Text of Query: trying to find relatives of george washington roberts, elmer roberts deceased in plymouth ill. edith marie david whom married elmer roberts. anything anybody has on information is greatly appreciated. thankyou
Wed Dec 11 20:32:51 2002
Name: Linda Allen
Email: [email protected]
Subject: John Cain or any family
Text of Query: Am looking for my grandfather John Cain. His father Robert Cain was born in Ireland. John was born in Colchester and is buried there someplace in Colchester. He died in 1947.
Wed Dec 11 11:07:31 2002
Name: jack perrin
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: any info on perrins living or dead in area
Fri Dec 6 20:52:11 2002
Name: Jennifer Witcik
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Paul Burton
Text of Query: I am trying to find a death record for my biological grandfather. He died in the mid-nineties in Macomb. I am curious to know his exact death date and cause of death. Any information you could provide would be great. Thanks
Mon Dec 2 17:57:41 2002
Name: Bob Caple
Email: [email protected]
Subject: FLOOD
Text of Query: looking for info on a Thomas Flood also a ben flood ihink you
Tue Nov 26 20:54:24 2002
Name: Susan Cheney
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Atkinson cemetery
Text of Query: Can anyone tell me where Atkinson cemetery is in Emmet
Township. Is it taken care of and can I drive to it.
I am researching the Atkinson family.
Thanks for any help.
Note from moderator: The Atkinson Cemetery is located within the boundaries of Argyle Lake State Park. In my opinion, it could be in better shape, but I have seen worse. I'm hopeful we can make some efforts to improve the condition, as it is an important historic landmark in the County. If you are interested in assisting, please contact me at [email protected]
Tue Nov 26 18:50:17 2002
Name: Sandra necco
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Startup, Murphy/ey, Donovan
Text of Query: I am seeking information about the family of Charles L. and Elizabeth ( Murphey/y) Startup shown to be in the 1860 cesnus. Their youngest son John Crittenden was born May 29, 1860 in Macomb.
The family is believed to have left Licking Co , Ohio for Il and to have arrived in IL by at least by 12-1855.
One of their daughters Ellen Startup married Carvel Jerome Donovan in March 1866 in Macomb. The family are believed to have left IL for Chanute KS shortly thereafter and were in KS by 11-1866.
Relatives of Elizabeth Murphey Startup are said to have lived in Fulton Co Il
Anyone having information about these families , please contact me. Thank You, Sandra Necco
Tue Nov 26 3:43:55 2002
Name: Diana Grider
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Grider
Text of Query: Looking for family on my fathers side...his name Louis Grider.......They are from Platte city Missouri.......I have been gathering up info for over 20 years...Thank You
Tue Nov 26 0:09:48 2002
Name: Jane M. Schumacher
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Hills Grove
Text of Query: Does anyone know where Hills Grove, McDonough county, IL is or was? I have a great-aunt, Emily Abelia Hare, who was married there and my grandpa, Jesse "Dolph" Hare, was possibly born there. Thank-you.
Note from moderator: Hills Grove is still used to refer to a rural area on the west edge of the county in Tennessee Township. The town has been gone for a long time, but there is still a church named Hills Grove United Methodist and a cemetery in that general area. You can get to a map through the USGS Geographic Names Information System.
Tue Nov 12 19:44:50 2002
Name: Wendell W. Stream
Email: [email protected]
Subject: George Emberling
Text of Query: We believe that George W. Emberling was born in 1857 and that his mother Nancy Redmond (Mrs. David Emberling) died as a result of his childbirth, We believe he lived with his two sisters and later moved to Greene Co Iowa in the 1880 census was present there in Davids household with his wife and other children, We also believe he returned to McDonough Co with his step mother in the early 1880s and they lived in McDonough Co. Need information from anyone that has information on George Emberling and or his step mother Pricilla Rhoades Emberling??
Tue Nov 12 16:35:54 2002
Email: [email protected]
Mon Nov 11 11:37:25 2002
Name: Tricia Demoss
Email: [email protected]
Subject: West
Text of Query: Looking for info. on Andrew Hodges West lived in Colchester, Il. buried at Mt. Auburn cemt. born 1869 d. 1905 married to Eva C. ? she born 1870 d. 1955 . Andrew had a brother Loren West b. 1864 d. 1953 Also buried at Mt. Auburn Cemt. Looking for parents of these two West brothers.
Mon Nov 11 5:29:02 2002
Name: bonnie
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Miller
Text of Query: I am seeking info on Elija Miller who shows up in the 1880
census in Eldorado twp. Mc Donough county Ill. Can some one look this up for me?
Thank you
Fri Nov 8 19:45:28 2002
Name: John R. McMillan
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: Searching for descendants of Jefferson Boone McMillan and Hanah Rogers McMillan
Sun Nov 3 16:31:39 2002
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: Need birth and death of grandfather- William Couch
married to Sara Conroy. Died in Distant PA and
buried in Distant PA.
Sat Nov 2 20:12:55 2002
Name: Edward A. Scriven
Email: [email protected]
Subject: BAYLES
Text of Query: David P. BAYLES and Sarah Elizabeth PORTER married in McDonough County on 4 Jan 1855. Does anyone have access to the 1860 Census who could see if this family is still there in 1860, AND if there is a daughter, about 3 or 4, named Sarah Ann?
I would really appreciate it.

Sun Oct 27 17:09:51 2002
Name: Ann Rogers
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Burke, Burk or Crouch
Text of Query: Searching for place and date of death (proof if possible) for Anna (or Anna Elizabeth) Range Crouch Burke. She was born April 03, 1831 in Washington County, Tennessee. Her father was Isaac Range. Her mother was Elizabeth Humphreys. Family informant tells me that she was buried in Bushnell Cemetery in Bushnell Illinois. I am not sure where or exactly when she died. Death date may be January 11, 1913. She was married 1s to James Crouch and 2d to John Burke (or Burk). Any help will be appreciated.
Fri Oct 25 10:37:30 2002
Name: Sandy Watrous
Email: [email protected]
Subject: JR and/or Ollie Gamble
Text of Query: This query is related to the previous query regarding the history of Samuel C. Panake in Blandinsville.
Samuel bought a bank with a McVey. His daughter Ophelia married WF McVey so we assume it was either him or a family member. A Martha McVey married a JR Gamble. When Samuel C. Pancake's daughter Edith Glendora was married to Henry Reynolds Watrous, an Ollie Gamble was a witness and signed the marriage certificate.
We continue to follow all of these leads to find descendents of the Pancake family.
Does anyone know who Ollie Gamble was?
Thanks again.
Tom and Sandy Watrous
Fri Oct 25 10:26:07 2002
Name: Sandy Watrous
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Family of Samuel Pancake in Blandinsville Late 1800s
Text of Query: Wish to know more about my children's great great great grandfather Samuel C Pancake who migrated from Coshocton County Ohio to Blandinsville sometime in the late 1800s. His wife was Catharine Darling who probably died while in Blandinsville. At least two of his daughters were married in his home in Blandinsville. They were Demie to Theodore Whiteley and Glendora to Henry Reynolds Watrous.
At some point, he appears to have bought a bank from TR Hardin, which was then owned by Pancake and McVey. Samuel's oldest daughter Ophelia married a WF McVey.
At some point, Samuel Pancake and many members of his family migrated to Utah, where he and several of his children and their spouses are now buried together. Just found this plot and knew of these details this past year.
Does anyone know when Samuel came to Blandinsville, when his wife Catharine Darling died? Where he lived and anything about the bank? Also, while there it appears a married son Stewart Pancake was there also. In the History of Blandinsville, Stewart's wife Jennie Pancake is listed as a teacher at the school. Samuel and his son Stewart are listed as belonging to several of the male organizations of the time such as the Mystic Brotherhood in 1880 and the Grand Army of the Republic. Stewart was a Civil War veteran.
We do not have any photographs of any member of this family even though some lived into the 1950s. Perhaps Samuel and his wife had a portrait taken in Blandinsville? Is there a photography archive? We are also at a dead end when it comes to finding additional descendents of this family in the hope of finding data or photographs.
Thanks to anyone who can help us put this history together.
Tom and Sandy Watrous
Mon Oct 21 2:18:02 2002
Name: simone
Email: [email protected]
Subject: reilly, john
Text of Query: looking for relatives of john and marcelle reilly married on april 16 1872 in quincy ill
Thu Oct 17 17:03:37 2002
Name: Karen Murphy
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Clark & Luton
Text of Query: Looking for Stephen A. Douglas CLARK born Sept 9, 1861, Fandon, IL. He was in Iowa when we have his family. LDS ancestral file also lists his wife's parents, John A. & Harriet (CLARY) LUTON as born Fandon. He married Mary Francis LUTON Mar 26, 1890. Their first child, Gaylord W. CLARK born 1892 [Feb 11, 1891 by headstone] Fandon. The family is buried near Freemont, Mahaska Co., IA.
Sun Oct 13 14:25:08 2002
Name: Steven Combs
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Combs
Text of Query: would like any information, on the surname of combs particularly of John Combs of prairie City township, John was Married to Nancy Ketchum, I was Raised in same said township. John was a Farmer.
Thu Oct 10 1:03:38 2002
Name: Taleah Wilkinson
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Charles Ingraham/Ingram/Ingrum
Text of Query: I am searching for any information on Charles P. Ingraham and his family according to the McDonough 1870 Census Charles and his Cornelia were living there at the time. I'm trying to support the fact that my Great Grandfather was born in Dec.1866 in Il. He told the family that he was born in Il. and lived there till he was at least 6yrs. old. I know that he had one sister Maggie who would have been abt. 7yrs. old at the time, and one brother Charles E.(Edward?) that would have been 5, my Great Grandfather Clarence you have been 4 at the time. I don't know how long the family lived in McDonough County, but that they were there in 1870 when the Census was taken. I believe that maybe some of the family may be burned there because when searching the McDonough records it showed that surname to be connected to one of the rural cemeteries. I don't know if Charles Jr. parents Charles P. Sr. and his mother Elizabeth Ingraham moved from Kane County, with their son when he moved to McDonough County. There no records in Dade County, Mo where Charles Jr. and Cornelia Bain Ingraham are buried showing any other members joining them in the move from McDonaugh, Co. Il. other than their sons Charles E., Clarence and their daughter Margaret. I know from the Missouri Census that Cornelia had 9 children but have only the names for these 3 children. Any information would be most welcome, thank you Taleah Wilkinson
Wed Oct 2 10:24:18 2002
Name: Joyce Hildebrand
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Harvey LUM (Columbus)? Ritchey
Text of Query: Looking for information on Harley Ritchey, married Mary E James about 1868. Children are John H. Ritchey, Charley A. Ritchey, Minnie, Nannie and Dela.
Sun Sep 29 11:50:17 2002
Name: Brenda Manion
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Carol Ann Luer Heaton
Text of Query: I am looking for a childhood friend who lived in Granite City, IL from abt 1950-1980. Carol md. Paul C. HEATON on June 7, 1979. I have been told, by a mutual friend from our childhood, that they divorced.
There is a Carol A. Heaton living in Macomb, IL, which is, I think, in McDonough County. I wonder if this could be my friend, who I haven't seen since 1956 when I moved to AZ?
If you know Carol Heaton, please tell her I am searching for someone by that name. Or if you know Carol Ann Luer Heaton, please tell her to get in touch with me. E-mail me: [email protected]
Fri Sep 20 21:02:43 2002
Name: Mary Ann Lowry
Email: [email protected]
Subject: David M. and Martha Jeffries Adams
Text of Query: David M. Adams appears on 1880 census with wife and family. Need to know if he is buried in Sciota township, McDonough county and where. I have a year, 1882, as when he died. He is listed on the Masonic roll and was a painter, according to census info. Would appreciate any info.
Tue Sep 17 16:01:48 2002
Name: Kerre Norris
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Gamage
Text of Query: Any info. about the Gamage family of McDonough County, Illinois would be greatly appreciated. Interested in brothers: George, James, Joseph and a sister name unknown. Born in the late 1820s, early 1830s in England. Settled in Macomb, IL 1850s.
Wed Sep 11 21:04:25 2002
Name: Susan Cheney
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Atkinson
Text of Query: Seeking information on both Charles Atkinson and
Amanda Creasey who were married on April 22, 1897 In McDonough County,
Any information is very much appreciated.

Mon Sep 9 12:57:54 2002
Name: Dawn Moller
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: Seeking names/dates of ESSIE HINTON GRIDER's parents. Essie was born 20 Oct 1887 in MaComb, IL. Married Harvey Allen Cox 15 June 1907. Harvey was born 30 May 1885 in LaPlace, IL.
Sun Sep 8 13:22:06 2002
Name: Dawn Bingaman
Email: [email protected]
Subject: LIBERTY CEMETERY: Duncan, Cyrus & Melvin Families
Text of Query: I am attempting to track down further information re: burials of those with the DUNCAN, CYRUS or MELVIN surnames interred in Liberty Cemetery, Blandinsville Twp. McDonough Co. IL.
I am particularly interested in photos of the cemetery, or of gravestones for those with the surnames listed above. If you've visited the cemetery, would you consider sharing your photos? Thank you.
Thu Sep 5 22:21:31 2002
Name: Paul Bartholomew
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: I am looking for information regarding Angeline FULTON, born 24 Oct 1834 in Sangamon or McDonough IL. I got this data from the LDS Family History site. Angeline FULTON married David G. HARLAN in 1856, their daughter Eva Frances Harlan Bartholomew was my g-grandmother. The LDS info stops at Angeline and I am hoping someone might have additional information. Family lore has it that Eva "was one qaurter Indian"; if that were true, it seems to have been through Angeline. Thanks, Paul
Thu Sep 5 19:57:12 2002
Name: Bill Parker
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Badger, Parker
Text of Query: Jonathan Parker married Orinda Badger (believed to be daughter of Edmund W. Badger)in Jacksonville, Morgan County, IL, on January 14, 1839. They were living in McDonough County at the time of the 1840, 1850, and 1860 federal census. Orinda Badger Parker died sometime between 1860 and 1864 and Jonathan married Mrs. Mary E. Kraus on December 31, 1864. Jonathan and Mary then moved to Buena Vista Township, Schuyler County, IL. Would like to share information with anyone with information about this line of Badger's and/or Parker's.

Fri Aug 30 0:43:33 2002
Name: Kari Cottrell
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Mattocks
Text of Query: I'm looking for a Lewis (luis) Mattocks m. Emma Poole, first found in Colchester in the 1880 census. Both died in Colchester, children are Edward, Harry, Helen, Florence, Lee, Bernice, Clara
Mon Aug 26 22:33:03 2002
Name: Mary Jane
Email: [email protected]
Subject: WOLFE and BINNIE
Text of Query: In response to Mary Ann Brown who requested information on the Wolfe family of the bank in Macomb: Information on the history of the Binnie and Wolfe families used to be included (has since been removed) on the Citizens Bank web site at this link for the bank's history:
( )
You will note that J. Binnie Wolfe died in January 1994. His daughter, Mary E. Satter, was appointed Chairman of the Board at his death.
Sat Aug 24 11:33:30 2002
Name: Dessamae Curry
Email: [email protected]
Subject: George G. Newman
Text of Query: Iam looking for a GEORGE GOODHULT NEWMAN born in Feb 1,1860 in Buffalo, NY. Parents NJ. Mothers name Julia , fathers first name unknown. Maybe be in the 1870 census of Chicago, Ill. Like his parents and siblings names.
Thu Aug 15 9:23:30 2002
Name: penelope ganske
Email: [email protected]


Mon Aug 12 20:11:07 2002
Name: Sandra Hobbs
Email: [email protected]
Subject: james
Text of Query: looking for information on John Chaukly James
Mon Jul 29 23:10:38 2002
Name: Mary Ann Brown
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Benjamin Wolfe + MaComb, Illinois
Text of Query: I am interested in finding more information regarding Benjamin Wolfeand his family. He, at one time, was a president of one of the town's banks, probably in the 50's.
He was married to the former Sarah "Sally" Kramer from Pennsylvania.
They had one daughter, Mary Eleanor Wolfe.
Thank you.
Mary Ann Brown
[email protected]

Mon Jul 22 11:58:39 2002
Name: Debra Ann (Meyer) Brown
Email: [email protected]
Subject: obtaining a copy of my son's birth certificate which was lost in a fire
Text of Query: I am trying to find out how to and the cost of obtaining my son's birth certificate which was lost due to a housefire. He was born Kyle Paul Meyer, in McDonough county at MDH on July 13, 1987. Parents names are Debra Ann Meyer (maiden name Hoffmann, now Brown), father: Eddie William Meyer Jr. Attending physician was Dr. Ed Baker. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated as he needs this information to obtain a driving permit/work permit. I can be reached by email, phone (319-527-2626) or regular mail: 8664 142nd Ave, Wapello, Iowa 52653. Thank You for your time.
Note added by moderator: For current birth certificates, contact the Illinois Dept of Public Health. Their web site is:
Thu Jul 18 10:15:04 2002
Name: edna coke
Email: [email protected]
Subject: keesecker
Text of Query: Henry Keesucker m Minerva Ables. His father was Henry. Who was Henry's father?
Mon Jul 15 20:28:01 2002
Name: Gwendolyn Prater Dalseg
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Enoch A. Lane & Martha F. Benton Lane
Text of Query: Dear List,
I would like contact with anyone who has information about Enoch Lane & Martha Benton Lane of McDonough County. I believe Martha to be my gg-grandfather's younger sister. She was known as "Mattie" to many but in the 1850 census for Indiana, she is listed as "Patsy". My research has a large gap where she is concerned and I would love to fill it in. Please respond.
Gwendolyn Prater Dalseg
Sat Jul 13 12:14:04 2002
Name: jan
Email: [email protected]
Subject: William THOUP?Thorp/Tharp
Text of Query: 1880 census for Prairie, McDonough,
William THOUP 31 NJ Fa: NJ Mo: NJ--b. 1849
married ca. 1870
Lydia THOUP Wife 27 IL Fa: KY Mo: KY-b 1853
Ola THOUP Dau F 8 KS Fa: NJ Mo: IL-b 1872-ks
Retta THOUP Dau F 5 IL Fa: NJ Mo: IL-b.1875-il
William and Lydia are neighbors of Francis and Anna Breiner.
Would appreciate more info on this family.
Mon Jul 1 22:50:44 2002
Name: Ellen Sherlock
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: I am looking for info/descendents of Harvey Benjamin SHELOR and Arizona (Arizonia?) ALTIZER. Both were born in VA but settled near Colchester, McDonough County, IL some time after their marriage 12 December 1908. Harvey was an uncle to my maternal grandmother. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
Sun Jun 23 10:35:34 2002
Name: charlotte a. (BELL) douglas
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Worstell Lucille (BELL)
Text of Query: I am looking for information concerning my mother LUCILLE WORSTELL B2/23/11 D5/24/53 in Pa. ? Married to a Clarence Bell of Bridgevelle/Canonsburg/Houston/McDonald surrounding area. Seven children Betty (BELL) Spalveiri (DECEASED 3/5/02, Lorraine Cairnes ( not sure of spelling of Pa.), Norman of California,(W JOAN), Jack of Maine,(W CLAIR), Glenn of NY, (W RUTH) and myself Charlotte of TX.
any info greatly appreciated. Fathers name was Glenn Charles or vice versa not sure, had brothers of surrounding area. [email protected] THANKS.
Thu Jun 20 14:49:13 2002
Name: Carolyn Benell Lesher
Email: cdlesher
Subject: Benell
Text of Query: I'm looking for information on William Benell, who by information that I have lived in Bushnell around late 1850s where my grandfather James Franklin and several other childern were born I have't been able to locate them living there, but were married in 1857 in McDonough County. Any information would be appreciated.
Sun Jun 16 6:34:39 2002
Name: Millie
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Picture's
Text of Query: I'm just curious if you plan on making a section on this site to put picture's. Millie
Note from Moderator:Pictures require a large amount of disk space, so it's not feasible for me to house them on this site. However, if you have photos on your own web site, feel free to post the web address here for others to find.

Thu Jun 13 9:28:27 2002
Name: Shirley Jones
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Nichols
Text of Query: I am looking for George and Sarah Nichols,daughter Ida age 4.Wesley was born 1857 Illinois
Could someone lookup up in the 1860 McDonough County census
page 565,590,699.
Also in the 1870 McDonough County census page 92,93,98,242,326,385,387,443
George and Sarah Nichols.
Ida M. born 1850
Wesley 1857 Illinois
William 1861 Illinois
Frank 1863 Illinois
Charley 1865 Illinois
Mattie 1868 Illinois
Elmer (Alva) 1870 Jan 30th Illinois
I need the name of three other boys.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Wed Jun 12 21:29:21 2002
Name: Susan Cheney
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Levenberg
Text of Query: Searching for information on Julius Levenberg who was married to Elizabeth Wilson, the daughter of Thomas and Janet Wilson of Colchester, Illinois. Julius and Elizabeth had a daughter, Georgia. They lived in Chicago in the 1920s. Georgia may have later lived in Springfield, Illinois. Any info would be very much appreciated.
Mon Jun 10 8:29:44 2002
Name: Holly Guidry
Email: [email protected]
Subject: WILLARD
Text of Query: am trying to find out more information on william willard that died in McDonough county on 11/9/1846 and is buried on a farm near Colchester where he died. i would like to obtain a digital or still photo of his grave and tombstone am willing to pay for the pic or at lest obtain the names of the family whose farm my ancestors body is located on.
i would like to get any informationas possible on him as he was a rev. war veteran and would like to hear from other family members researching his/our family. he mrried ane cook in VA where he was born.
Tue Jun 4 10:23:47 2002
Name: Joy Kimsey
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Rev William F Ferguson,Bailey, Monroe, Bebb, Brown
Text of Query: I am researching Rev William F Ferguson b. c. 1804 Indiana Co, Pa and d. Macomb, McDonough Co, Illinois 15 Mar 1853 bur in Old Macomb Cem with no stone. He marries Abigail M b. 1818 and dies aft 1870. He was the President of McDonough College from Nov 1850 until ?, his death in 1853?
His children are:
1. Sophroina S m. unknown Monroe
2. Bethania C m. William Bailey 22 Mar 1852 Warren Co, Ill
3. Lydia Ann m. James M Brown 10 Aug 1852 Warren Co, Ill
4. Finley Crow b. Dec 19, 1839 Boone Co, Ind d. 11 Jun 1905 Dundy Co, Neb m. Matilda Cush 8 Apr 1869 McDonough Co, Ill
5. Charlotte m. Charles S Bebb Jan 23 1861 McDonough Co, Ill
6. Helen b. 1851 McDonough Co, Ill
Any help on this family would be greatly appreciated.
Wed May 29 11:13:10 2002
Name: Laurie Francis
Email: [email protected]
Subject: FRANCIS
Text of Query: Looking for information about the Robert Francis family who resided in McDonough County about 1880. Robert's wife was Mary Ellen Kelly Walker. His father was John Francis. Robert came from England in about 1850.
Thu May 23 18:58:01 2002
Name: Rusty Brown
Email: [email protected]
Subject: James Henry Brown
Text of Query: My great Grandfather, James Henry Brown was born June 6, 1855 in McDonough County, IL. He was put in to a foster home when he was just 2 years old. The foster parents being John and Lucy Gibson. They moved to Hancock County, IL, some time between 1846 and 1850 as they are listed in 1850 Census of Hancock County, IL. James Henry Brown left Illinois when he was just 9 years old with the Samual and Elizabeth(Gibson)Ritchey. He supposedly ran away from his foster family because he wanted to go to Oregon. He helped the Ricthey family herd cattle to Oregon in 1853 James was married to a Elizabeth Jane McDCubbin in September 1867 in Clackamas County, Oregon. Four children were born onto this marriage. Nancy Jane, William Henry and Charles Frederick Montegue, Ella Pearl. Ella died at the age of 4 years of an accute asthma attack in her fathers arms. James died May 1, 1903 in his home in Logan, Oregon. According to his obituary. Surviving family includes hiis wife Elizabeth, Daughter, Mrs. S.M. Minturn, Mr. William Brown, and Mr. Charels Brown. As well as two sisters living in Joetta, IL. Mrs. RAchael Burrows and Mrs. Maggie Conn. I am in the hopes of cmonig back to Illinois for more searching.
Wed May 22 23:54:28 2002
Name: Sharon
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: I am looking to find the location of the grave of Albert F Rippetoe b.1849 in McDonough County IL.
He married Mary J Coker and had 2 children known to us, Nellie and Alta or Otta. He died in the 1930's we believe.
Please help if you can!
Thanks, Sharon
Tue May 21 13:53:34 2002
Name: Gina Theriault
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Reed r Duncan
Text of Query: My Great Grandmother Mary Lucile Reed is burried somewhere in McDonough Co. I am trying to see if she has family conections to this area. Her father was Seigler Wayne Reed and her mother was Matilda Duncan. Mary was born in Quincy, Il in 1906. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Gina
Mon May 20 9:15:37 2002
Name: Lori
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Clifton/ Clark/ Worthing
Text of Query: I am looking for information to where I can find a cemetery list for the Mound township,McDonough County area. And where to search for obits for this area as well? I would greatly appreciate any help, thank you
Note added by Moderator: You'll find names and locations of most (all?) McDonough County cemeteries at: For obituary resources, see the obituary section of this site.

Mon May 20 8:37:01 2002
Name: Lori
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Clark/Clifton
Text of Query: My GG Grandmother was Mary Rosalie Worthing~Clark,Clifton.
[or better known as Rosa.]
b. May 1863 ~ d. ?
On 26 Nov. 1897 she married Alvah J. clark
b.Apr 1855 ~ d. ?
They resided in New Philadelphia, Illinois. I would GREATLY appreciate ANY helpful information about them. Thank you.
Mon May 13 17:49:42 2002
Name: Sandra Moates Smith
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Shelkey
Text of Query: My gggrandparents, John A. Shelkey and Ann E. Rutledge, were married Aug. 30, 1862, in Fulton Co. Their first child, Oscar S. Shelkey, my ggrandfather, was born in Fulton Co. and married there to Rosa E. Thompson. Their first child, Columbia Viola Shelkey, my grandmother, married Ray H. Moates in Whiteside Co., Aug. 11, 1908. My search for birth record of Viola has come up empty, however, on the form "Return of a Marriage to the County Clerk" for their Whiteside Co. marriage, it states that Viola Shelkey was born in McDonough Co., IL. I would appreciate any help in locating her birth record or proof that this family lived in McDonough Co. Thank you
Fri May 10 13:17:15 2002
Name: Carrie Reber
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Russell, McDonough County
Text of Query: Seeking information on James Asa Russell, b. McDonough County, 1851. Parents believed to be James Russell and Eleanor Farmer. James married Susan Ellen Skiles in Industry in 1875, and homesteaded west to Nebraska. Any information, leads or clues would be greatly appreciated.
Thu May 2 22:24:34 2002
Name: Marshall Ishmael Jacob Lackrone
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: My father was Marshall Jacob Lackrone, my father's father was Ishmael Jacob Lackrone
Wed Apr 24 2:29:24 2002
Name: lorzbts
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Clark or Clifton info. search
Text of Query: Was there a town or village named New Philadelphia? I am seeking information on a family with the last name of Clifton or Clark that lived there in the late 1800's~ 1900's.I am a great granddaughter to one Roy O. Clifton. Would welcome any information contributions to help me [email protected]
Note from the moderator:: Yes, New Philadephia still exists as a town. It's located on the eastern edge of the county on Illinois Highway 95 in Mound Township.
Sun Apr 21 15:59:55 2002
Name: Pat Helyer
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Mays/Davis
Text of Query:
Sat Apr 20 1:55:11 2002
Name: Gwendolyn Prater Dalseg
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Samuel NUNEMAKER
Text of Query: I need to find information about Samuel NUNEMAKER. Did he have two wives? (1) m. Carrie WILLIAMSON 1.31.1878 in Mc Donough County and then (2) m. Frances EBERSOLE 9.2.1879 Whiteside County. Or are there two different Samuel NUNEMAKERs? Carrie WILLIAMSON would have been my gg-grandfather's niece and I would like to know what happened to her. Did she die early in the her marriage to Samuel? Please respond. I seem to write a lot of these and no one answers. Thank you.
Gwendolyn Prater Dalseg
Sun Apr 14 23:27:10 2002
Name: Judith Goodwin
Email: [email protected]
Subject: MILLER, and any connection to HARRIS
Text of Query: I'm researching early settlers who went from Onondaga Co, NY to Fulton and McDonough Counties in the 1830's. Particulary interested in the HARRIS family, (James, Hiram Horace..) and any MILLER families who may have traveled with them. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any connections. Thks.
Fri Apr 12 1:06:56 2002
Name: Debra Conklin
Email: [email protected]
Thu Apr 11 16:16:45 2002
Name: June McCoy
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Hibbard
Text of Query: I would like to find out more information about Henry Hibbard, who came from England. He married Mary Jane Carle, had four girls, and committed suicide about 1859. Mary Jane later (about 1871-2) moved to Windsor MO with her girls (probably traveling with a relative). I would like to know his lineage, and maybe a clue as to what his situation was to cause him taking his own life.
Sun Apr 7 0:56:24 2002
Name: Gwendolyn Prater Dalseg
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Civil War Bentons of McDonough County
Text of Query: I would like someone from this website to confirm if they have the information about the whereabouts of Joshua Benton. He was in Company F, 55th Infantry Regiment Illinois as a Private. His other two brothers also enlisted. Thomas Company K, 16th Cavalry Regiment Illinois, and James Benton.........not sure what his company was. Anyway, this is my family and I would apprecitate any information you can throw my way.
Gwendolyn Prater Dalseg

Sat Apr 6 13:27:41 2002
Name: Tom McClure
Email: [email protected]
Subject: McClure, Robert
Text of Query: Looking for information concerning Robert L McClure. Married Margaret Keesecker, (sometimes spelled Keesucker) in April 1849. At some point Robert and Margaret moved to Kansas. Eight children, William, James M., Charles, Franklin, Robeert, Madeline,Elexane, and Elizabeth.
Mon Mar 25 22:12:44 2002
Name: Debbie Hamilton
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Andrews, Allison, Ballance, Creel, Ellis, Hamilton
Text of Query: I have a new E-Mail address:
[email protected]
I am interested in exchanging photos or information on
James Andrews, William Allison, Joseph Ballance, Durham Creel,
James Ellis or Levi Hamilton families of McDonough Co. Illinois
Sun Mar 24 1:44:03 2002
Name: Gwendolyn Prater Dalseg
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Julia Ann BENTON m. Enoch WILLIAMSON 8.27.1854
Text of Query: I am looking for information about Enoch Williamson who married Julia Ann Benton 8.27.1854 in Fulton Co., IL. I found an Enoch Williamson counted in the Prairie City Township 1860 census but his wife's name is "SARAH" not Julia Ann. This SARAH is the correct age to be Julia Ann b. 1837 and her eldest son is named John (her father's name was John Benton). Were there two different Enoch Williamsons living in the same county, like brothers or father and son? I would appreciate any help in locating the correct Enoch Williamson and Julia Ann Benton Williamson. She would be the eldest sister of my gg-grandfather, Thomas Benton. I have pictures and information to share with any descendants from this couple.
I will also have access of a picture of Julia Ann from a descendant from another sibling of Julia Ann's. Thanks for your help.
Gwendolyn Prater Dalseg
Tue Mar 12 1:29:47 2002
Name: Kris
Email: rothrock@
Subject: Mustain
Text of Query: I am looking for information on Vada Ruth Mustain and her 2 children, Vada Darlene & Glen Richard. She was born in Macomb on August 30, 1917. Her parents were Glen Terry Mustain and Nettie Belle Thrapp Mustain. She was my father's stepmother and he is searching for his half brother and sister.
Sun Mar 10 9:38:47 2002
Name: Michael Markham
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Markham
Text of Query: I'm looking for information about my great-grandfather Thomas A. Markham and his wife, Rose P. Markham. They were married in McDonough County IL in 1877.
Sat Mar 9 21:08:16 2002
Name: Cindy Horrace
Email: [email protected]
Subject: PARRISH 1863 Hire Township
Text of Query: I am trying to located information regarding the death of James Walter Parrish who was accidently killed, perhaps 1863, in Hire Township. Any information on what newspaper might have served this area or any other clues as to where I might find this information would be greatly appreciated.
Tue Mar 5 21:34:02 2002
Name: Jeanette G. Newingham
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Newingham / Waymack / Polk
Text of Query: Searching for descendents and or info on Ame "Buster" Waymack and Mable Newingham daughter of Melvin Newingham and Edna Johnson and info on Mable's second husband Ernest "Ernie" Polk. Mable was born 6/2/1908.
Tue Mar 5 21:29:27 2002
Name: Jeanette G. Newingham
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Newingham / Waller
Text of Query: Searching for descendents and or info of Frank Waller born 4/1/1906 Emmet Twp. McDonough Co. and married Iona Newingham daughter of Melvin Newingham and Edna Johnson. Specifically searching for info on the children of the above couple. I have these names which may or may not be correct. Velma, Homer William, Jerry, Clarence Melvin, Gladys Patricia, Judy and Danny. Thanks Jeanette
Tue Mar 5 21:07:57 2002
Name: Jeanette G. Newingham
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Newingham/ Price
Text of Query: Searching for descendents or anyone that may have info on a lady named Mary Ellen Price. I think her father was George Price. Mary Ellen was probably born between 1906-1909 in Macomb,McDonough co.
Mon Mar 4 8:36:52 2002
Name: Nancy Mewman
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Abbott-Ellis
Text of Query: Seeking info for Moses R. Abbott of McDonough Co.
Married Martha J. Ellis 1865.
Possible children, Arthur Abbott,
Sutton Abbott.
Sat Mar 2 20:38:13 2002
Name: Corinne Killip
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Felix Myers
Text of Query: My, My, I have a nephew who really gets around, don't I!
Get 'em, Paul!
Love You,
Aunt C.
Mon Feb 25 19:33:17 2002
Name: Carol Evans
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Rine/ Rhine
Text of Query: I am looking for the death record of Catherine Rine/Rhine who would have died in the 1850's.
She is in her parents household in the 1850 Census, but is not mentioned in her father's
will in 1859. She had a brother Isaac and other family members who lived in McDonough County.
Would you please check your county death records for her? Thank you.

Thu Feb 21 12:00:40 2002
Name: Janet Lewellen
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Seeley or Seely
Text of Query: Interested in corresponding with any Seeley descendants from the Prairie City area.
Thu Feb 21 11:58:59 2002
Name: Janet Lewellen
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Vail
Text of Query: Interested in corresponding with any Vail descendants from the McDonough Co area. I am a direct descendant of Henry Washington Vail and rachel Cox.
Thu Feb 21 8:56:57 2002
Name: Janet Lewellen
Email: [email protected]
Subject: McClellan, Carroll, Sullivan, Nunn, Laughlin
Text of Query: Am interested in sharing info with any descendants of these lines that were in McDonough Co 1860-1880. James McClellan m. Abigail Cornwell, William G. McClellan m. Eleanor Nunn, Elizabeth McClellan m. William H. Carroll, Daniel Sullivan m. Nancy Cornwell (sister of Abigail), Dorothy McClellan m. Charles Laughlin. The McClellans originally came from Washington Co. PA area. Came to McDonough Co @ 1854. Thanks!
Mon Feb 18 4:47:41 2002
Name: Cathleen
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Adkisson Atkinson Moore
Text of Query: Various spellings of Adkisson. Seeking information regarding Thomas Adkisson born 1800,VA.
wife Sarah Moore, born 1808 in KY.Buried in Camp Creek Cemetery. need parents of both.
Thanks, Cathleen

Sun Feb 10 13:38:08 2002
Name: Roy Hughes
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Richard Tilton
Text of Query: Richard Tilton
Surnames: Tilton, Lum, Parker, Hughes, King, Moore, Ashcraft
Much is known about Richard Tilton as shown in the following. However it is not known who his first wife was, who his parents were, or when and where he died. If you have any additional information about Richard Tilton, or his first wife, please contact me.
Richard Tilton was a Justice, Trustee, Land Owner and Minister. He was an early prominent personality in the history of Flemingsburg, KY, and Fleming County, KY. He was an original Trustee of the Town of Flemingsburg and the first presiding Justice of the Peace of Fleming County (later called county judge) and a Methodist minister who performed many marriages.
Perrin's 1888 History of Kentucky quotes Nimrod Tilton, Judge of Robertson County, Kentucky, as saying his grandfather, Richard Tilton, was a native of Maryland and settled in Mill Creek Valley, near May's Lick, before Kentucky was made a state. He was, he says, a local preacher, a prohibitionist, and a non-slave holder.
In 1792 and through 1805, he paid taxes in Mason County. He paid taxes in Fleming County from 1798 to 1804. In 1797 he was named a trustee of the town of Flemingsburgh.
In 1798 he produced credentials of his Ordination and Communion with the Methodist Episcopal Church.
(The following account is from an October 1950 Flemingsburg, KY, newspaper)
"Tilton of this county was named for a descendant of Richard Tilton. He removed to Illinois in 1819 and died in Washington County, Illinois, in 1824. He was survived by six sons; Enoch, Thomas, John Wesley, Richard Jr., Robert Dorsey, and Jesse Lum; and by four daughters; Elizabeth, Lydia, Sarah and Oleitha."
(The following excerpt is from a biography of Richard T. Hughes which appears in "Portrait and Biographical Album of Whiteside Co., Illinois; Chapman Bros. - 1885)
"His (Richard Tilton's) family included 12 or 13 children; and, after they had attained to the growth if not the years of maturity, they removed to Okaw, the southeastern township of Bond County, on the Kaskaskia River, in Illinois. They were pioneers, and received the full benefit of the poisonous emanations from the low marshes in their vicinity, which resulted in the most terrible mortality. One by one the stalwart sons and fair daughters succumbed, and the parents followed in their turn. Five individuals lay dead in the house at one time. Several recovered, and as soon as was possible, they went back to the old home in Kentucky, leaving a monstrous estate, including thousands of acres, under the control of a lawyer named Robert Turner, through whose chicanery the entire property was wasted, and availed nothing to its rightful owners, the heirs of Richard Tilton. One of the daughters, Oletha, married Samuel Parker, a Methodist divine of distinction, the record of whose labors and abilities are preserved with just pride in the annals of the Church, and who died at New Orleans to which place he had been sent by the Conference"
What was Okaw Township in Bond County, IL, is now Tamalco Township and included part of the adjoining Fayette Co., IL. No land records have been found there for the Tilton "monstrous estate" mentioned above.
Richard Tilton is listed in the 1820 Washington Co., IL federal census. This is the last known public record on Richard Tilton, therefore some researchers have given that place and date as his death facts. There is also the above quoted Flemingsburg, KY, newspaper that states he died in Washington Co., IL in 1824. The basis for the 1824 date is not known.
Richard Tilton had at least five children by his first wife; Elizabeth, Lydia, Thomas O., Enoch, and Sarah. There may have been more if the above historical account is correct, and he in fact had 12 or 13 children.
In April 05, 1790 he married Nancy Lum in Philadelphia. They also had at least five children; Ollietha, John Wesley, Richard C. Jr., Robert Dorsey and Jesse Lum.
Elizabeth, born March 27, 1783, married Allen B. Hughes, a Kentucky-Ohio financier, on December 20, 1800,. They moved to Morgan Co., IL in 1834. Their sons, John A. Hughes and Richard Tilton Hughes were prominent settlers in Morgan and Whiteside Counties, respectively.
Lydia, born March 16, 1786, married James King on October 27, 1809, and their biography is included in The Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of McDonough County, compiled by Dr. Newton Bateman, and Paul Shelby, 1907. It is posted on the McDonough Co., IL GenWeb site.
Nothing is known about Thomas O. Tilton, Enoch Tilton (died in Kentucky on March 17, 1846), and Sarah Tilton (died in Kentucky on July 30, 1863).
Ollietha, (Olethia. Oletha) married Samuel Parker on June 18, 1816 in Mason Co., KY, a Methodist minister. No further information has been found on Samuel.
John Wesley, born February 16, 1795, married Elizabeth Moore on December 30, 1818 in Cynthiana, Harrison Co, KY. He died in Platte Co, MO, on March 17, 1846.
Richard C. Jr. was born August 30, 1799. Nothing more is known about him.
Robert Dorsey was born May 17, 1801, became a doctor and died, on June 23, 1833, fighting a cholera epidemic in Elizaville, KY. He is buried in an unmarked cholera cemetery that can still be located by local residents.
Jesse Lum was born January 29, 1804 and married Rachel Ashcraft. From Nimrod Tilton's (Jesse' son) biography: "Jesse L. Tilton was born in 1806, was a farmer and tanner, and died in 1883"

Wed Feb 6 23:17:10 2002
Name: valentine
Email: [email protected]
Subject: BEDWELL, Veta
Text of Query: Anyone who has this Veta Bedwell in their chart, please give a call...born INDUSTRY? 1909
[email protected]

Wed Feb 6 18:09:34 2002
Name: jill vose
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Hore
Text of Query: My great grandparents James Henry and Edith Eleanor Hore emigrated to colchester between 1887 and 1890. They had travelled to the US from their home in North Yorkshire England. My great grandfather was originally from St Ive Cornwall but had moved to North Yorkshire as a young man. My g grandfather either owned or had a share in a drift mine in the Colchester area. My great grandmother gave birth to two children whilst living in Colchester - Samuel and Florence. They already had a son Ernest when they arrived in the USA. Due to ill health and on the advice of her doctor my great grandmother was advised to leave Colchester and return home to England. The family are said to have sold up and returned around 1897. It is believed that my great grandfather had either a brother or uncle already living in Illinois before his arrival who owned a mill (possibly flour) and that he had at least two children one boy, one girl. Family legend states that the boy accidently shot the girl causing her to loose a leg. If anyone has any information relating to, or confirming any of the above I would be grateful to recieve an e-mail from you.
Mon Feb 4 21:45:40 2002
Name: Earline Stanley
Email: [email protected]
Subject: McNelly
Text of Query: Want to find information on John S. McNelly and wife Mary Spangler. They had a son named Douglas and I think one named Otis. These would have been in the 1860's. I know they were born in McDonough County but don't know the township. Any information would be helpful. There might have been other children.
Thank you
Earline Stanley
Tue Jan 29 11:32:34 2002
Name: Cheryl Vance-Hiester
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Vance, Haskins
Text of Query: I am looking for information on John Haskins b.1851 in New Bedford, Ma -died in Colchester in 1934. Daughter, Cora May Haskins (Hasken or Haskin?)was 1879 in Colchester.
Her mother ( I don't have a name) was supposedly a French Canadian Indian.
Cora married Burton Leroy Vance in Mc Donough Co. in 1898.
Any info. on Haskins or Vance would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Mon Jan 28 20:17:37 2002
Name: Joyce Johnston
Email: [email protected]
Text of Query: I am looking for family history info on SARAH JANE JOHNSTON (b. 1828-d. 1914) married HINSON J. HOBBS (b. Jul 29 1820 - d. 1899).
Parents of Sarah Jane above were DAVID and SARAH (DAY) JOHNSTON.
Any info greatly appreciated.
Sun Jan 27 23:45:31 2002
Name: Maggie Osborn-Chenoweth
Email: [email protected]
Subject: OSBORN`S
Text of Query: I`am looking for any decendents of the Osborn`s that lived in Mc Donough County during the 1840`s and 1850`s . The children of Eli and Martha Osborn. John, Joseph , Delilah, Kesiah,Eli Foster,Nancy, Lydia,Sarah and William. Some of them later on settled around the Adair County, Missouri area.Please e-mail would like to exchange info.
Mon Jan 21 9:35:21 2002
Name: Lynn Westfall Kilpatrick
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Westfall, Beverly Randolph
Text of Query: I am interested in any information about Beverly Randolph Westfall, physician, in McDonough County in 1850+. His wife, Ellen E. Hays (Hayes?)Westfall is supposedly buried in McComb. Any info. about both and location of Emily's grave would be appreciated. Thank You.
Sun Jan 20 14:38:08 2002
Name: Joann Hoagland-Oldham
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Goodlif Basler
Text of Query: In the 1860 McDonough Co IL census is the Goodlif Basler family
on page 638 as follows:
Goodlif Bazler 37 PA
Elizabeth 35 OH
John W. 13 OH
Manuel (Emanuel) 9 OH
George W. 7 OH
Hester M. 1 IL
Ten years later he is in Neosho Co KS where he lived until his death
in 1890.
Am unable to find the family in Ohio in 1850. Please help.
Thu Jan 17 22:09:16 2002
Name: Pat Armstrong
Subject: Dr. Ebenezer Newton Campbell of Good Hope (1849-1895)
Text of Query: Looking for information on Ebenezer N. Campbell, a son of David Campbell and Winifred Bridges. Ebenezer Campbell and his parents are mentioned on two pages of this Illinois GenWeb site for McDonough County. The first reference is David Campbell's biography page which is linked under the "Biographies Index." The family is also mentioned in the Presbyterian Church section with its link to "Presbyterian Church, Good Hope".
I am looking for the place of death and the burial location for Ebenezer N. Campbell, whose death date I have as December 31, 1895. I believe he was a doctor in Good Hope at the time of his death. I'm looking for the same information for his wife, Emily Frances Armstrong Campbell, whose death date was October 15, 1917. Obituaries for either or both would be greatly appreciated.
One other missing link is a son of Ebenezer and Emily Campbell named Homer Campbell. I have no other information about him except that he was mentioned in family letters dated 1929-1930.
If anyone else is interested in this family, I have some information on Winifred Campbell Burdette, the daughter of Ebenezer and Emily Campbell.
Mon Jan 14 19:02:32 2002
Name: Willard Couch
Subject: Tomberlin and Chockleys
Text of Query: The Tomberlins and Chockleys were in Industry TWP, McDonough
county, Illinois, around 1830, and moving to Douglas county,
Kansas, around 1853. Looking for imformation on Fountain
Tomberlin, and his first wife, Matilda Coker, also looking
for information on second wife, Jane Chockley, and his third
wife Eliza Chockley. Looking for information on Jane's complete
name, Her brothers and sisters, I believe Watson Chockley,
was one of her brothers. He is listed on 1840 census, spelled
Chaukly. Can anyone help? Thank you

Mon Jan 7 20:35:06 2002
Name: Paul Myers
Subject: Myers
Text of Query: Looking for the parents of Felix Myers. Born March 1, 1864. Married Sarah Shulze on January 21, 1891. Died November 4, 1926
Sun Jan 6 20:31:45 2002
Name: Diane Zimmerman
Subject: Raynond, David
Text of Query: Does anyone know of a cemetery located on what they called the old Burling farm located in Industry Township. I think that my gggrandfather is buried there. I need to know if it still exists or the name of the cemetery has changed. Thanks
Mon Dec 31 22:06:04 2001
Name: Susan Cheney
Subject: Creasey, Creasy
Text of Query: Seeking information on George and Nancy Creasey who lived North of Colchester, McDonough County, Illinois. They are buried at Argyle Cemetery, North of Colchester. On the tomstone it states that Nancy was born October 24, 1817 and died May 9, 1873. Any information would be very much appreciated.
Sat Dec 29 22:46:33 2001
Name: LLB
Subject: Hillier, Owen, Stott
Text of Query: Sarah Elizabeth Hillier married Albert STOTT 11-27-1877, in Macomb. Sarah had a sister Cora Ellen HILLIER. Sarah was first married to last name OWEN and later to THORNBLOOM. Her parents were Isaac C. Hillier and Matilda E DUNCAN, who were married 3-18-1864 in McDonough County. Any connections would be appreciated. Cora married John LANCASTER.
Mon Dec 24 0:40:16 2001
Name: Don W. Orr
Subject: Orr-Yates families 1860-1874
Text of Query: Robert Robertson Orr married Anna B. Yates in Colchester, McDonough Cty. Nov. 26, 1874. The Orrs are in Kane Cty. before 1860 and are in Pike Cty by 1870. Robert is in Hancock County (after 1870) and Anna is in McDonough Cty. The father of Robert R. Orr has died and his wife Margaret McCleese is living with her sons and daughter in Pittsfield Pike Cty. Three children born to Robert and Anna are Charles L born Oct. 1875 two Orr girls names unk b. abt. 1877 and 1879. The father of Anna B. Yates is William T. Yates b. Ky with family are in Tennessee McDonough County. Any might sound familiar I exchange relay all my information.
Orr-McCleese(spellings)-Yates-Coleman-Casselman-Tetrick-Miller-Johnson-many more
Sat Dec 15 20:03:12 2001
Name: nancy newman
Subject: abbott/wilson
Text of Query: Seeking info regarding a James W. Abbott b1819 possibly in Tenn.
He was married to Elizabeth Wilson.
Lived near Macomb, Illinois by 1850.
Known children: John, David, William, Lucretia,
Norman, Francis.
She died in 1863/64.
James moved to Minnesota shortly thereafter.
James remarried a Mary Caswell Morehouse.
His son John later moved to Oregon.
James had a brother George who was in Whiteside Co.
and married Abigal Caswell (sister of Mary).
Any help would be much appreciated.
Wed Dec 12 10:24:47 2001
Name: Bev Nohr
Subject: McFETRIDGE withvarious other spellings
Text of Query: I am searching for Robert and Sarah McFETRIDGE. The family moved around a lot and I've lost them! In 1860 they were in Henderson county and in 1880 they were in Warren county but with a McDonough county address of Prairie City. They had the following children: John, Mary, Margaret, Anna, Ella, Grant, and Edgar. I have found Mary and Anna, but none of the other children. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sat Dec 8 22:35:01 2001
Name: Stan Barclay
Subject: Barclay's of Scotland Township
Text of Query: Interested in the roots of BARCLAY family of Scotland Township before Linlithgow, Scotland...
Sat Dec 8 10:52:09 2001
Name: Cathy
Subject: PRITCHARD, Mathias P. - Bushnell Twp.
Text of Query: Seeking any information on Mathias PRITCHARD. Born ca 1839 in Licking Co OH. Died ca 1894 in McDonough Co IL.
He is the brother of at least 12 siblings. Parents are William and Jane COOK-PRITCHARD.
Thank you
Fri Dec 7 15:23:35 2001
Name: Bill Rohr
Subject: Nagel
Text of Query: I am looking for any information on Henry R. Nagel, brother to John Danial Nagel, son of Thies Nagel. Henry and John owned a flour mill in Bushnell and develpoed the first oatmeal. They were there in 1891, 1900, and in 1910.
Tue Dec 4 13:39:45 2001
Name: Marsha
Email: BryMar4950
Subject: Porter Young Marriages: Justus, Wilson, Kemble
Text of Query: Hi,
I am trying to sort out the young children in my family line. Perhaps someone can assist me. I have a James Porter young, born Oct. 1857 and married to three different women: Margaret Anne JUSTUS, spouse one, Marilla Bell WILSON , spouse two and Carrie Victoria KEMBLE as spouse three. He seems to have married them in that order. I have Orrie young as the child of James and Margaret. There may be another. I don't have any children for james and Marilla. For james and Carrie, again, no children. Can anyone tell me if there are more children for any of these marriages? I really would apprciate any help.
Thu Nov 15 17:49:15 2001 (added by moderator)
Name: R.L. Hammond P.O. Box 638 Jewett, TX 75846
Subject: Bartuch, Bartouch, Partuch

1.--- Andrew Bartuch was born Bet. 1800-1810. He married (1)Unknown. He married (2) Selina Burk March 11, 1851 in McDonough, IL.

Notes for Andrew Bartuch: I am including the information on Andrew Bartuch/Bartush as John's father only to keep up with what information I find on him. I do not know who John's father is but this Andrew seems to the best possibility , as I have no other possible matches. Based on John and Andrews whereabouts at certain times, it does appear a likely possibility.
1840 Schuyler census: Andrew Bartuch/Bartush
1 male 5-10 (1830-1835)
2 males 10-15 (1825-1830)
1 male 30-40 (1800-1810)
1 female 5-10 (1830-1835)
McDonough Co, IL marriage listing: Andrew Bartuch to Selina Burk, McDonough, IL 3/11/1851

2---John Bartouch born between 1835-1840 Germany or Illinois. Died 1876 Mississippi Co, MO. He married (1) Sarah Kennady March 04, 1852 Schuyler Co, IL. He married (2) Eliza J. McCumber March 31, 1853 in Schuyler Co, IL. She was born Abt 1838-1840. He married (3) Mahala Hutchison/Hutcheson abt 1867 prob. Mississippi Co, MO. She was born abt 1851 Kentucky.

Notes: Surname spelling used in records at Miss. Co, MO shows most often, Bartuch, Bartouch and Bartush.
1860 Schuyler Co, Ill census, Frederick Twp: (note transcribed misspelling of surname)

Partouch, John 26 male b. Germany
Partouch, Elizabeth 22, female, born MO
Partouch, John F. 1 male ILL


1860 New Madrid Co, MO census (it appears that John and Elizabeth were working in separate households in New Madrid Co, MO when census was being conducted in that county and the head-of-household reported them as well. Abviously a census duplication)

New Madrid transcriber spelled surname Bortrouch, as is listed on

1860 New Madrid Co, MO census: 490/490 p. 777 New Madrid P.O.
Cagle, Caroline 26
Staker, Wm. S. 7 son
Staker, Mary 5 dau
Staker, Elias 4 son
Whitworth, Elias 29 cripple
BARTOUCH, Eliza 25 hand servant born MO (1835)

Knox, J.W. 31
Elizabth 34
Sarah A. 12
Mary E. 12
Barzilla 7
Silas 6
Willis 2
James 69
BARTOUCH, John farm laborer born IL (1825)

John is listed with wife Mahala on the 1870 Mississippi Co, MO census as age 30 (1840) born MO.
Mahala is listed on 1880 Mississippi Co, MO census and her and John's two sons. Shows sons born MO, father born ILL and mother born KY.
Military records shows John Bartouch enlisted into the Civil War August 15, 1861, New Madrid, MO. Battles in:-Shiloh, Corinth, Grand Gulf, Port Gibson. Captured at Baker's Creek, Miss., May 16, 1863.
John died 1876 in Mississippi Co, MO.

3. John F. Bartouch, son of John and Eliza(beth) Bartouch. Born abt 1859 Schuyler Co, IL. Marriage listing shows John F. Bartouch married Lizza Graham Dec. 3, 1882 in Mississippi Co, MO. No other information is known.

3. Children of John and Mahala Bartouch:

Lee Robert Bartouch born 1868 Mississippi Co, MO; died May 05, 1945 AR. He married Mary Elizabeth Jane Barker Dec. 24, 1889 Mississippi Co, MO. She was born abt 1871 MO. and died Nov. 30, 1924 AR.

Notes: Have the descendants of Lee Robert and Mary Bartouch as well as the Barker line.

3. William B. Bartouch was born April 1873, Wyatt, Mississippi Co, MO. Died Jan. 21, 1949 AR. Married (1) Theresa Olive Withrow, September 10, 1898, Mississippi Co, MO. He married (2nd) Lillie May Hennson Nichols September 18, 1915 AR.

Notes: William had no known children. Marriage to Theresa Withrow is found on the Mississippi Co. marriage records.

Sun Oct 28 16:20:21 2001
Name: Lola Angell
Text of Query: William G. Smith m. Catharine Logan on 7 Aug 1855 in McDonough County, IL.
They had a son, James Lockard b. 30 Jun 1859 in IL according to various census records, and I need to know his place of birth. Since he was born 4 years after their marriage I am wondering if he was born in McDonough County.
If anyone has access to birth records of this period of time, I would really appreciate a look up.
Thanks so much,
Sat Oct 27 9:07:46 2001
Name: Kandi Stark Reeder
Subject: Ervin --Wheeler
Text of Query: Hi I am looking for the death of Catherine (Wheeler) Ervin wife of civil war vet Elijah P Ervin. They were married in Fulton Co Illinois in 1867. Catherines brother was Myron Wheeler of Fulton Co and in his obit dated Feb 11, 1932 lists "Catherine Ervin of Bushnell (McDonough Co) as one of the survivors" Would like a death date or any info or connections to Catherine, Thanks Kandi
Fri Oct 26 17:03:54 2001
Name: Bonnie Osborn Eaton
Subject: Joseph and Nancy Osborn, John Osborn and Frances Hackworth
Text of Query: Looking for any informatin on Joseph and Nancy Osborn. Where is Nancy buried, did she remarry, what was her maiden name. Or just any information on both of them. Any information on John and Frances Hackworth Osborn would be appreciated. Need to have someone look up the marriage of Ephriam and Lydia Osborn 28 May 1828 in Vermilion county. Is there anything indicating if they were first, or second cousins on the marriage license?
Thank you very much.
Thu Oct 25 8:17:06 2001
Name: Anisah Haynes
Subject: Murray from Indiana
Text of Query: I am researching Murray/Murry in Schuyler County who came from Orange County, IN, and wondered if any of the Murrays in McDonough County came from Indiana.
Sat Oct 13 0:11:19 2001
Name: Daniel Payne Stonecypher
Text of Query: Seeking information on Enoch, Jessie and Charles Scudder and their spouses, any help greatly appreciated! Daniel
Descendants of Enoch Scudder
Generation No. 1
1. ENOCH SCUDDER was born June 24, 1798 in Rahway, New Jersey, and died May 27, 1870 in Industry, Illinois. He married AMELIA ANN PERMELIA BROOKFIELD March 19, 1816 in Essex, New Jersey, daughter of BENJAMIN BROOKFIELD and PHILETTA POTTER.

i.BENJAMIN B SCUDDER, b. January 14, 1817, Butler County Ohio; d. January 31, 1818, Butler County Ohio.
ii.JOSEPH POTTER SCUDDER, b. December 20, 1817, Butler County Ohio; d. May 1819, Butler County Ohio.
iii.PHILETA SCUDDER, b. September 27, 1820, Butler County Ohio; d. September 12, 1822, Butler County Ohio.
iv.KESIAH SCUDDER, b. November 17, 1823, Butler County Ohio; d. February 08, 1877, McDonough County, Il; m. DAVID JENNINGS VAIL, 1842, Ohio.
v.NANCY ANN SCUDDER, b. April 06, 1826, Butler County Ohio; m. (1) NICHOLAS PEARCE; m. (2) RUDOLPH BLATTER, August 29, 1860, St Clair, Illinois.
vi.AARON JEFFERSON SCUDDER, b. May 08, 1828, Butler County Ohio; m. MARGARET JANE COULTER, August 20, 1850, Butler County Ohio.
vii.JESSIE BROOKFIELD SCUDDER, b. December 19, 1831, Butler County, Ohio; d. May 08, 1905, Industry; m. (1) SARAH JANE VAN GORDON, May 05, 1852, Butler, Ohio; m. (2) MATILDA SPRINGER, January 02, 1856, Mcdonough.
viii.MARY E SCUDDER, b. November 15, 1833, Butler County Ohio; d. 1913, Industry Illinois; m. DECALVES PAINE PAYNE, October 17, 1867, McDonough, Il.
ix.MARTIN VAN BUREN (MORTON) SCUDDER, b. November 10, 1837, Butler County, Ohio; d. December 04, 1883, Industry, Illinois; m. (1) ISABELLE HUMMER, March 10, 1857, McDonough County Illinois; m. (2) LOUIZA BRIDGES, March 06, 1870, McDonough.
x.ALLETA FRANCES SCUDDER, b. June 08, 1839, Huntsville, Ohio; d. August 19, 1927, Illinois; m. JAMES THOMAS LAUGHLIN, October 12, 1858, Industry, Illinois.
xi.AMELIA ANN SCUDDER, b. May 02, 1843, Butler County Ohio; d. Industry Illinois; m. MR POTTER, Abt. 1864, Ohio.
Mon Oct 1 8:22:46 2001
Name: Marion Baker
Subject: Bailey/Smith
Text of Query: Looking for Alexander Bailey, s.o. Catherine (Kate) Smith and unknown Bailey. Catherine was dau. of Alexander Smith and Isabella Munro of Nairn, Scot. who settled in Jacksonville, Morgan Co. abt. 1951. Alex. Bailey was alive in 1932. Could he have been connected to the Col W.W. Bailey of McComb who died April 1872. Help appreciated. Marion
Mon Sep 10 17:54:45 2001
Name: Millie
Subject: Worley's in Blandinsville ILL.
Text of Query: looking for info on Harley Worley, and Edward Ashley Worley. Thank You Millie
Mon Sep 10 17:47:21 2001
Name: Millie
Subject: Gordon's in Blandinsville ILL.
Text of Query: looking for info on any Gordon's. George B. Gordon, John Henry Gordon, Newton Jasper Gordon. They came from Washington Co., Kentucky. Thank you Millie
Fri Aug 31 11:55:44 2001
Name: Carol Davis Warner
Subject: RUNDLE
Text of Query: Am looking for info on George Oliver RUNDLE, born 24MAY1877
in Colchester, McDonough County, IL. He married Lillian Ann
Davis of Colorado and they moved to Warrensburg, MO where George ran a drugstore. They had two children, Oliver Wakefield Rundle and Elsie Rundle.
Fri Aug 31 10:13:53 2001
Name: Dottie (Shrader) Freeman
Subject: Shrader/Schrader
Text of Query: 1860 Mc Donough Census lists John Shrader,52 b. PA....wife
Nancy, 53 b. PA.....S. Jacob, 23 b. PA....D. Mary, 21 b.PA..
S. John, 20 b. PA....D. Ann, 17 b. PA.....S. David, 14 b.PA.
William "David" my g-grandfather mar. Octavia Adkison.....
they lived all their lives in Bushnell....any info...please
Fri Aug 31 10:02:14 2001
Name: Dottie (Shrader) Freeman
Subject: Adkison/Atkison
Text of Query: 1870 McDonough Census lists Stephen Atkison, 55b.PA...wife
Mary,56 b.OH...dau. Harriet, 20 b.IL...dau.Mary F.,16 b. IL.
..Octavia, 13 b. IL.... Octavia Adkison, my g-grandmother
Mar. William "David" Shrader. They lived all their lives in
Bushnell, Davied died after 1892, and Octavia died sometime
after 1925.........any info.....please......

Tue Aug 28 20:21:46 2001
Name: Marsha
Subject: Kemble/Kimble/Kimbell/
Text of Query: I am searching for Thomas Kimble/Kemble and his brother Charles. They came to New Salem about 1860 from Ohio. Charles, would be my ggrandfather. I believe Charles may have had a son named Harvey. I looking for information on their families. if anyone has any information on these two, could you contact me at There are several ways of spelling their last name. Kemble and Kimble seems to the most common.
Mon Aug 27 20:54:36 2001
Name: William Parker
Subject: Jonathan Parker and Orinda Badger
Text of Query: Jonathan Parker married Orinda Badger in Jacksonville, Morgan County, IL, on January 14, 1839. They were living in McDonough County at the time of the 1840, 1850, and 1860 federal census. Orinda Badger Parker died sometime between 1860 and 1864 and Jonathan married Mrs. Mary E. Kraus on December 31, 1864. Jonathan and Mary then moved to Buena Vista Township, Schuyler County, IL. Would like to share information with anyone researching this line of Parker's.

Tue Aug 21 13:48:48 2001
Name: Kari Stacy
Subject: McMillans
Text of Query: Looking for any info on the McDonough County McMillans who took in John Baumgardner (1850-1934).
Mon Aug 20 9:26:50 2001
Name: Pat Stephenson
Subject: Franklin Pierce Douglas
Text of Query: F.P. Douglas was a Baptist minister and my great grandfather. He lived (according to the 1900 census) in Blandinsville. My sister has told me that the church was nextdoor to his home. I would appreciate any information regarding Mr. Douglas
Sat Aug 18 11:53:01 2001
Name: Debra Young
Subject: Youngs
Text of Query: I am looking for information on this family: Charles V. Young wife Caroline, Children: Clifford Young,Delmar L, Velma Jany......All show up on the 1900 McDonohugh Co Bushnell Township Census
Wed Aug 15 19:18:39 2001
Name: Tina Reed
Subject: MORRIS
Text of Query: I am searching for family or friends of Mildred MORRIS who passed away in the 1970's. Would like to know exact date of death. She was known as Millie to her friends and family when she lived in Bushnell,Il.,she lived there most of her life,then married and moved to Lincoln,Nebraska. Some of her family an older couple possible grandparents lived across the street from Homer's Ready Mix in Bushnell (1960's).I would also like to know the name of her second husband ,if at all possible. I think they moved to Nebraska shortly after they married. Millie died young maybe late 30's or early 40's and is buried in Lincoln, NE. You can email me direct at Thank you, Tina
Tue Aug 14 19:55:29 2001
Name: Paul LaCombe
Subject: R. H. McFarland & Sarah Lancaster
Text of Query: I am looking for information on Robert H. McFarland, born about 1827 probably in PA. Lived in Fulton County, IL before moving to McDonough County. Married Sarah Lancaster in Fulton County in 1847. His brothers were wagon makers & his father Andrew had a farm in Fairview Twp, Fulton CO. Any information about this individual will be greatly appreciated.
Fri Aug 10 22:09:20 2001
Name: Autumn Kilgore Budine
Subject: Kilgore
Text of Query: Trying to find information on family of Jerome B and Isabell Kilgore buried in Glade City Cemetery.
Thu Aug 9 18:41:25 2001
Name: Kim Woodbury
Subject: Hollingshead, Wilcox
Text of Query: I am looking for information about Mercy Wilcox Hollingshead, who died in August 1838 in a place called Jobs Settlement, McDonough Co. Does anyone know anything about Jobs Settlement? Thanks!
Wed Aug 8 6:54:36 2001
Name: Larry Svoboda
Subject: Sparks
Text of Query: I am looking for information the death of Thomas Jefferson Sparks. He was the City Attorney in 1881-85 of Bushnell and is found on the 1900 census. I would really like all the information available on his wife Agnes Sophia Patton and there children. He married Aggie in Henry County Iowa in 1871 and she was a school teacher in Bushnell beginning the school term of 1877-78, She is listed as teaching school on the 1900 census. I can only assume that was her lifetime profession. I found someone said she died around 1908 no documents or anything. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you for your time. Larry
Sun Aug 5 20:57:17 2001
Name: Sarah Jane Wisherd Hime
Subject: Wisherd/bear(Z)
Text of Query: Grandfather Martin Wisherd was born Prairie City in 1964.His fathr was William his mother Elizabeth Bear(Z). I would like any information on William and Elizabeth's parents and siblings and any other siblings of Martin.
Sat Aug 4 19:46:03 2001
Name: K.palamara
Subject: Florence Gamage
Text of Query: I am seeking information about my grandmother (maiden name Florence Mae Gamage) who was born Nov. 8, 1897. Who were her parents? Where did she marry Ishmael Jacob Lackrone?
Fri Aug 3 21:55:18 2001
Name: Kari Bainter-Stacy
Text of Query: I am looking for information on Jacob W. Bartley and his wife, Bessie Baumgardner. They were married July 3, 1900 in McDonough County and had 9 children: Clyde, Albert, James Glen, Eva Goldie, Olive, Billy, Catherine, Clinton, & Mary Ellen.
Fri Aug 3 2:08:55 2001
Name: R. Hammond
Subject: Bartuch/Bartush & Selina Burk marriage
Text of Query: Looking for information on Andrew Bartuch who married Selina Burk in McDonough, IL on 3/11/1851. Looking for Bartuch (variant spelling) connection. (McDonough, Schuyler IL and New Madrid, MO.
Mon Jul 30 20:49:19 2001
Name: Dot
Subject: WALKER
Text of Query: Hello and searching for a James Alexander WALKER who came to Illinois from Kentucky (and the Virginias??) in1866. I am trying to connect him with a Elverton WALKER of West Virginia. Does anyone have any info on this family please??
Mon Jul 30 17:35:17 2001
Name: Marsha
Email: BryMar4950
Subject: Pennington Point
Text of Query: I have just found out that my mother and her siblings were born in Pennington Point between 1908-1925. Can someone tell me, if I was to look Pennington point up in a census, what township would pennington be affliated with ( the ED.)? Would it be New Salem in McDonough County?
Thank you
Tue Jul 24 13:41:57 2001
Name: k. j. palamara
Subject: Information about Florence Gamage
Text of Query: I am trying to find out any birth or marriage information about Florence Mae Gamage (or Gammage). She was born on November 9, 1897 and was married to Ishmael LaCrone (or Lackrone) on September 17, 1917. Any information on my Grandmother Florence would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Mon Jul 23 20:37:44 2001
Name: Louise Shields McWhirt
Text of Query: William Taylor SHIELDS b Sept 01, 1847, Astoria, IL d Dec. 22,1919
Hamilton,IL. Death was due to a tree cutting accident and coroner's report said "body returned to Colmar, McDonough Co. This was my grandfather. His death certificate says he was buried at Colmar, McDonough Co., IL
Looking for any info on his burial, perhaps with his 1st wife-name unknown-perhaps Julia and several infant children.
Had a daughter by first wife, Amy SHIELDS b abt 1873 who married a Randolph STREETER.
Is there a list available for cemeteries at Colmar? Any info appreciated.
Sun Jul 22 13:43:18 2001
Name: Lola
Subject: LOGAN
Text of Query: Searching for info on Catherine (Catharine) Logan m. 7 Aug 1855 in McDonough County, IL to William Smith. The only information I have on them is from the 1880 Schuyler County, MO census as follows:
Wm. G. Smith, self, age 48 b. PA
Catherine Smith, wife, age 49 b. IL
James L. Smith, son, age 20 b. IL
Samuel Smith, son, age 17 b. IL
Mary S. Smith, dau, age 14 b. IL
William F. Smith, son, age 12 b. IL
Ralph e. Smith, son, age 9 b. MO
Emma C. Smith, dau, age 5 b. MO.
Any further information would be greatly appreciated.
Tue Jul 17 0:02:54 2001
Name: Linda Mott
Text of Query: Looking for any Furchtbars in McDonough County.
Sun Jul 15 17:42:42 2001
Subject: HERRON
Text of Query: Dear listers,
I have been searching for my gggrandfather WESLEY CLARK HERRON. Here is the information I have on Wesley: WESLEY CLARK HERRON b. (by his own accord on civil war union muster records) July 20, 1833 KNOX COUNTY, OHIO (by other records) m. September 6,1865, Tamaroa, Perry Co., IL, MALINDA ELIZABETH BURGE b. October 24,1843, Wayne County, IL.,d. July 9, 1897, Jefferson County, IL., they had six children. Wesley served in the 84th IL VOL INF from 1862-1865. I first find written record of him in the Federal Military Census of 1861and 1862 of men 18 to 45 in Emmet Twp., McDonough County, IL. He, after marriage in southern Illinois, returned to Emmet Twp., where in April 1869 their second child was born and died being buried in the Sickle family cemetery in Emmet Twp., their third child, my ggrandfather, was born April 1870 in Jefferson County, Illinois, therefore sometime between April 1869 and April 1870 they moved to Jefferson County. I have been unable to find Wesley in the 1850, 1860, or 1870 census. I first find him in the Federal census of 1880, in Rome Twp., Jefferson County, Illinois. He lists his father from VA, mother from ____ . Most of my information was gleaned from military pension records. After the government established the pension for Civil War veterans and their families, Wesley's widow tried hard to obtain a pension for herself and her children. The pension file is about a foot thick. I have all of Wesley's descendants to present, most of us have stayed in Illinois. Now for the kicker, which I can't connect. At the same time as Wesley's stay in Emmet Twp., there was an ALEXANDER G. HERRON living there, he was from Knox Co., OHIO, he (by written record) married, in Knox Co., Margaret SAPP also of Knox Co., June 9, 1836. Her family is well documented in the area of Knox Co. I find Alexander and Margaret in the 1840 and 1860 census of FAYETTE AND McDONOUGH COUNTIES, IL., but not in the 1850 census. Also their youngest child, a daughter, is buried in the Stickle family cemetery, not far from, Wesley's child. I have researched Alexander's children in hopes of a connection to Wesley, so far not connecting to them. Has anyone ever come accross the name WESLEY CLARK HERRON in their research? This is my brick wall. Thank you, David Herron in Peoria County, Illinois
Sun Jul 15 13:30:06 2001
Name: Casey J. Haas
Text of Query: Seeking information on George MURPHY. He was born in McDonough County, Scotia township, in 1876. He was the son of Charles MURPHY & Mary MCHENRY. I am looking to find the day & month of his birth. Is there someone in the county that has these old records?
Thanks! Casey Haas
Fri Jul 13 11:07:04 2001
Name: Sandra Moates Smith
Text of Query: Information from the marriage certificate for my grandmother, Viola Shelkey, states that in 1908 she was 18 years old, born in McDonough Co. to Oscar Shelkey and Rosa Thompson. Thus far, I have not been able to find anything about the Shelkey family any where in Illinois, let alone in this county. Can anyone help?
Wed Jul 11 11:22:27 2001
Name: Deanna West
Subject: Blackburn Cemetery
Text of Query: I am trying to locate the burial information on Alexander Blackburn. I believe he was b. 31 May 1805 and d. 7 Apr 1902 in Macomb, Ill. Is he buried in Blackburn Cemetery?
Also can someone tell me if the Blackburn Cemetery's name has been changed, I did not find it on the listings. Thank you for any help you can give.
We are trying to fill in some blanks here as we will be having a cemetery tour in LaPorte County, Indiana and 3 of his children are buried in one of the cemeteries in our county here. Mr. Blackburn donated the land for this cemetery in LaPorte County, Indiana.
Thu Jul 5 9:05:54 2001
Name: Dottie (Shrader) Freeman
Subject: Shrader/Adkison(Adkinson?)
Text of Query: Need more info re.William David Shrader m. Octavia Adkison 8-28-1878 in Mcdonough. Children, Nora(1878), Florence(1882), William(1885), Leo(1888), and Garnett(1892). Octavia was life long res. of Bushnell and died after 1920.
Please help......thank-you......
Sat Jun 30 17:03:22 2001
Name: Kathleen Bryant
Subject: Joseph Brainard OVERTON, Susannah WEAVER, Rebecca RIGDON
Text of Query: Joseph Brainard OVERTON and his wife Susannah WEAVER settled in MCDONOUGH COUNTY, IL in the 1830s or thereabouts. I am trying to ascertain the names of their children, especially to verify that they had a son John J. OVERTON who married Rebecca RIGDON in Fulton County on Dec 24, 1843. I have lots of info on the descendants of John and Rebecca to share.
Thu Jun 28 23:19:14 2001
Name: Richard Carpenter
Subject: Any Carpenters
Text of Query: I am looking for any information on the last name Carpenter in Little York area. Cemetary, any relatives of Noah Carpenter in the Little York area. I believe there used to be a Carpenter Dairy in Illinois, if anyone knows anything about any of this, please contact me. Thank you for your cooperation.
Thu Jun 28 23:13:52 2001
Name: Richard Carpenter
Subject: Carpenter
Text of Query: Cemetary
Wed Jun 27 20:14:26 2001
Name: Terrance Holcomb
Subject: Moore, Holcomb
Text of Query: I'm looking for info on William J. Moore and his wife Mary Jane. Mary Jane's maiden name was Sumner...They had a daugther Elizabeth Anne Moore, Elizabeth married William Henry Holcomb....William and Elizabeth were married at Vincennes, Indiana (I believe), in 1888...William and Elizabeth Holcomb had 10 chil;dren I believe all born in Adair, Illinois...
Sun Jun 24 22:58:26 2001
Name: Anna Fields
Text of Query: Does anyone have any history concerning the military warrant
lands that were given in McDonough County? I know these
were for service in War 1812. If anyone has researched
this would like to exchange info as one of my ancestors
received lands in Sec. 5-T6N-R4W in 1818.
Sun Jun 24 1:28:35 2001
Name: Linda Worstell
Subject: Hoskinson
Text of Query: Wish to exchange information with anyone researching the name Hoskinson in McDonough County. The Hoskinson family were harnessmakers in Macomb.
Sun Jun 24 1:27:29 2001
Name: Linda Worstell
Subject: Seybold
Text of Query: Wish to exchange information with anyone researching the name Seybold in McDonough County.
Fri Jun 22 20:33:14 2001
Name: Shonneen
Subject: Dunkard Cemetery
Text of Query: I was wondering anyone has a list of those person buried in the Dunkard Church Cemetery in Bethel Township. I am looking for the death date of Jennie Stump second with of Isaac Stump. Thanks for the help.
Thu Jun 21 22:03:29 2001
Name: Bonnie Eaton
Subject: Osborn/Osborne
Text of Query: Looking for information on Joseph Osborn/e. I believe he was married to a Nancy Penning. Looking for death certificate. Trying to verify the parents of Joseph.
Wed Jun 20 12:49:35 2001
Name: Fr. Rene Guesnier
Subject: Inman and Harmon and Duncan
Text of Query: Am reposting because I have had to get a new email address.
Am searching for descendants of Matthew Inman and Hannah W.
Harmon or Matthew Inman and Margaret Jane Duncan (2nd marriage).
Hannah died in about 1855 and Matthew about 1875 and Margaret
Jane in the early 1900s. All in McDonough County.Matthew had
two brothers Edmond and Jesse Inman who also died in McDonough
County and raised their families there. Any and all info would
be greatly appreciated.--Fr. Rene Guesnier
Tue Jun 19 22:09:18 2001
Name: Maureen Famolare
Subject: Hankins
Text of Query: Looking for information on any Hankins family in McDonough County especially in Tennessee, Illinois. Family line of Augustus Hankins and Charles Seward Hankins
Thu Jun 14 16:39:48 2001
Name: Cheryl C. Huff
Subject: Hatch and Roberts Family
Text of Query: I am looking for Newton Hatch who married Mary Roberts, 11 Aug. 1881 in McDonouch County IL.
Cheryl C. Huff
Tue Jun 5 20:25:52 2001
Name: bill higgins
Subject: higgins-davis-king-brazzil
Text of Query: any info about the above families appreciated.john higgins born about 1860 in mcdonough cty.william king married ella brazzil-daughter alice veronica king born in macomb.
Tue Jun 5 19:17:35 2001
Name: Harold Cooper
Subject: Cooper
Text of Query: Looking for Samuel and Caroline (Dunbar)(Bennett)Cooper and children Samuel J Cooper b1867, George M Cooper b1869, John E Cooper b1878 children born in Moultrie, Mc Donough Mound TWP, also children born in Fayette Ill ,James L Cooper b1863, Thomas William Cooper b1861.
Sun Jun 3 22:30:52 2001
Name: Jessie Hopwood
Subject: Tolland, Toland
Text of Query: I'm researching my ggggrandfather Jonathan Drew Tolland and his family. I've been told he lived in IL before going to TN. He had a son Isaac Drew Toland, Sr. that was in the Civil War. I think he was in B Co. 16th Inf Reg but not sure if this my Isaac. The only one I can find in IL in the marriage index was an Isaac Toland married to Elizabeth Chockley but I believe my Isaac was married to Wilma Young.
Any help with Jonathan or Isaac would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Jessie
Sun May 20 10:37:54 2001
Name: Sue Knappenberger Appleton
Text of Query: Hezekiah J. Kline (born 1832 in Westmoreland county, PA) moved to McDonough County after 1850 and married Mary A. Painter 5 June 1867 in McDonough County. Family history states they had a son Clarence Kline who moved to California. Looking for information on Clarence Kline.
Also, Hezekiah was buried back in Westmoreland County in 1870 which is only three years after he married Mary. Did she die in McDonough County (perhaps giving birth) and is buried there? And then Hezekiah returned Home? Any clues would be appreciated! Thank you.

Sun May 20 10:34:26 2001
Name: Sue Knappenberger Appleton
Text of Query:
Sat May 19 22:16:12 2001
Name: Randal Hatch
Subject: Hood
Text of Query: Hazel Mae Hood born 1918 in Prarie City died in Galesburg IL in 1975 any information about her or the Hood family would be appreciated
Fri May 11 13:21:04 2001
Name: Susan Rezek
Text of Query: I am looking for information about the "Macomb Motor Co." which was started in Macomb, McDonough Co., IL in the summer of 1925 by 3 brothers-in-law, John McCreery, Reginald York, and J. Everette Trappe (or Trappe). It was a Ford auto dealership.
Sun May 6 11:23:35 2001
Name: Judy Reynolds
Text of Query: Wish to verify parents of Elisha DUNGAN who died in McDonough County July 1849 at age 42 according to mortality census. He married Clarissa RIPPETOE in 1834 in Kentucky. According to several censuses, he was born in Virginia.
Sun May 6 11:22:36 2001
Name: Judy Reynolds
Text of Query: Wish to verify parents of Elisha DUNGAN who died in McDonough County July 1849 at age 42 according to mortality census. He married Clarissa RIPPETOE in 1834 in Kentucky. According to several censuses, he was born in Virginia.
Sun May 6 2:32:56 2001
Name: Judi Rogers Gilker
Subject: Harry and Bertha GIDDINGS WARDELL
Text of Query: Harry WARDELL was born Aug.. 6, 1882 in Woodstock township Schuyler County, a son of Francis Marion and Nancy ROBBINS WARDELL. He was married on May 25, 1912 in Virginia, Cass Co. IL. to Bertha GIDDINGS They resided in Schuyler County until 1935 when they moved to Lewistown, IL.
Bertha M. GIDDINGS was born on Aug. 30, 1893, at Clayton, Adams Co. IL. a daughter of Perry and Rebecca GIDDINGS. She was living in Macomb, McDonough Co. IL area when she died Feb 1978. Children: Vera, Frank, James, Maurice "Morris", Lyle, Harry, and Charles.
I do not know much about their siblings except Harry had 2 known brothers Earl and James WARDELL. Both are buried at Palm Cemetery southwest of Rushville, Schuyler Co. IL. Wishing contact with anyone with information regarding this family.
Wed May 2 19:58:38 2001
Name: John J. Evans
Subject: Evans, Green, Rather, Reed Wheat
Text of Query: I am looking for the cemetery at Colchester that contains the graves of the following Oldham family. Emma d. 1929, William d. 1917, Wm Henry d.1917, Samuel d. 1953, Henry Oldham d. 1896. This information was requested by their descendents in Staffordshire, England where the first two people listed emigrated from before 1874.
Mon Apr 30 19:27:35 2001
Name: Eric Hendricks
Text of Query: Any information about my great grandfather, LEWIS HENDRICKS,enlisted in Company C, 78th Illinois Infantry Regiment at Blandsville (Blandinsville?) on September 1, 1862.
Mon Apr 16 16:36:28 2001
Name: Dorla Stork
Subject: Carson,Hersey,Seibert orSunbert
Text of Query: I am looking for information on the second wife of Harvey A. Hersey,He was born in Bushnell,March 17,1865 and died August 25,1935 in Galesburg,Knox County. He was married first to Fannie Larue Carson, who with her young son died in 1890, he then married a woman by the name of Susan Sunbert, which could possibly be Seibert. I would like to know if he ever had another family. Thank you.
Mon Apr 16 14:19:37 2001
Name: Rene Guesnier
Subject: Inman, Stokes, Harmon
Text of Query: Am searching for any information on or descendants of,
Matthew, Jesse, Edmond and Frances Inman. They came from
Washington County, Kentucky to McDonough County in the late
1830s or 1840.Matthew married Hannah Harmon, the daughter of
Nehemiah Harmon, in 1841. In 1858 he married a second time
to Margaret Ann Duncan. Frances married a John Stokes in 1841
and then disappears. John Stokes may have been a Mormon and
they may have followed Brigham Young to Utah. Nehemiah Harmon
was an active Mormon. Any Info would be much appreciated and
would reciprocate with any info I have.---Fr. Rene Guesnier.

Wed Apr 11 14:33:02 2001
Name: Alan McCormick
Subject: Waller, webb,mccormick,taylor,portlock,wilcox,purdum,& beal families
Text of Query: I am looking for descendants of these families who had ties to McDonough Co in the 1800s.
Tue Apr 10 22:03:17 2001
Name: Richard
Subject: Robertson
Text of Query: Looking for information about William Robertson & Family. William is in the 1840 McDonough County census, and in 1844 he gave permission to his daughter, Nancy Jane Robertson, to marry, but he's not in the 1850 census.
Sat Apr 7 9:20:17 2001
Name: Karen Amery
Subject: Mays
Text of Query: Am looking for information on a Robert Mays who bought land in McDonough county in 1840. Wifes name could be Polly but not sure.
Fri Apr 6 11:08:19 2001
Text of Query: I am looking for information on John James Adams, son of Robert Alexander Adams and Caroline Garrison. John married Alice Annie Hastie, daughter of William Hastie and Susan Munson. Does anyone know if John and Alice are buried in the Bushnell cemetary where Robert Adams(father of John) is buried at???? Please email me if anyone has any information
Wed Apr 4 10:30:28 2001
Name: madeline hayes reese
Subject: HAYS
Text of Query: Would like to know the descendants of Hartwell W. Hays and wife Sarah, both originally from KY, living in McDonough Co in 1870 census. Tks!
Sat Mar 31 18:06:17 2001
Name: Debbie Hamilton
Subject: Allison, Andrews, Ballance, Creel, Ellis & Hamilton
Text of Query: I would like to exchange photographs & information with anyone connected to these McDonough Co. surnames. My Grandparents were Mettie O. (Ellis) & Andrew W. Hamilton. Both were born in McDonough Co. and immigrated to Canada
about 1910. Mettie's parents were Mary Elizabeth (Andrews) & John F. Ellis. Andrew's parents were Anna L. (Allison) & Joseph F. Hamilton. The Creel & Ballance surnames were ancestors of Joseph Hamilton. I am interested in any connection
Fri Mar 30 21:06:11 2001
Name: Bev Nohr
Text of Query: I have just found out that Leonard HALL and his wife Susan nee McMAHILL lived in Praire City twp. McDonough county, sometime between 1880 and 1905. Does anyone know anything about these people? Thank you
Tue Mar 27 0:46:03 2001
Name: Jeanne Rees
Subject: Garrett, Gadd, Frank, Duncan, Martin
Text of Query: Wanting to connect with someone with knowledge of the following families Loven Garrett married Nancy Jane Duncan 1854, child born, Lillian.2nd. marriage to Anna Eliza Gadd 1858, children Arthur R.,Edith A.,Charles Y., Elisa F., Luther D.,Morris, Edwin D., James R. Lillian married Theadore Frank 1875 Mc Donough Co., Theadore died in 1887 is buried in Majorville Cemetery, Hancock Co.,4 children were born to this union Bertha Ann, Clarence, Elsie, Edwin. Lillian married E.A. Martin 1889 Mc Donough Co. 2 children born Willard andCharles, they then moved to MO. Any help or clues would be appricated. Thank you Jeanne
Tue Mar 20 21:59:32 2001
Name: cindy firestone
Subject: Parker - Badger
Text of Query: Am seeking any information on Johnathan Parker married to Orinda (Lucinda) Badger resided in McDonough Co in 1850. One son of marriage known, Jonathan Turner Parker born 1850. Any information on Badger family also. Known uncle of Jonathan T. Parker was Dave Badger.

Tue Mar 20 21:54:57 2001
Name: cindy firestone
Subject: Parker - Badger
Text of Query:
Sun Mar 18 10:48:54 2001
Name: Peggy Carey
Subject: COAKLEY
Text of Query: Can anyone tell me who the parents & grandparents were for DONALD W. COAKLEY who d. 10 Mar 2001 in Industry? Also looking for info re: DANIEL COAKLEY b.1803,VA.
Sat Mar 10 18:31:20 2001
Name: Margerette BLACKMORE
Text of Query: I am doing research on Perry W.ROBERTSON who married Nancy MEADER in Mc Donough Co. in 1846.Nancy was the daughter of Jesse MEADER but have no information on Perry except he was born in Kentucky. Who were his parents and did he have any siblings.
Sat Mar 3 9:12:56 2001
Name: Judi Rogers Gilker
Subject: Charles E. WARDELL had family living in Bushnell
Charles E. WARDELL was born March 20, 1889 in Schuyler Co. IL., a son of William and Judith INGELS WARDELL. He married Elizabeth BLACK on April 21, 1909 in Rushville, Schuyler Co IL. Elizabeth was the daughter of John D. and Solena ADAMS BLACK (Solena was previously married to Henry David GOLLIHER of Rushville and had 2 sons Buford & William J. GOLLIHER) Charles E. WARDELL died July 5, 1943 in Beardstown, Cass Co. IL., where he lived most of his life. His wife, Elizabeth died Jan 31, 1971 also in Beardstown. Known children of Charles & Elizabeth WARDELL were: 1) C. Leslie (lived Beardstown, IL., Fulton, IL., & Pickstown, SD.); 2) William T. (lived Owling Mills, Maryland, & McAlester, OK. William was in a Master Sgt. in the US army & served in Africa in 1943); 3)Vera 1910-1996 married William F. BECKER (lived Beardstown, IL.); 4) Lucille married Lester ROBERSON (lived Rock Island, IL.,Chicago, Cook Co. IL. & Mokena, Will Co. IL. Then married CARUSO & lived Peoria, AZ.); Thelma married James VINCENT and lived South Bend, IND., & Beardstown, IL.)
Charles E. WARDELL had the following known brothers and sisters: 1)Thomas (lived Galesburg, Knox Co.IL.); 2) James (lived Macomb, McDonough, Co IL & Camden, Schuyler Co. IL); 3)Frank (lived Bushnell, McDonough Co IL.); 4)Gusta Feb 11, 1884-July 1973 married Herman GREEN (lived Beardstown, IL.); 5)Julia Oct 5, 1892-Oct 29, 1959 married Carl GREEN (lived Rushville, IL.); 6) Bertha married Joe DAVIS(lived Astoria, Fulton Co IL.); Katheryn married CLEMENTS (lived Bushnell,McDonough Co, IL.)
I am attempting to connect my GG grandfather, John M. WARDELL (alias John M. ROGERS) born abt. 1839 possibly in Syracuse, Onondaga Co, NY and died possibly abt. 1878 in Natchez, Adams Co, Miss. He became a Sgt.Major in the Civil War, serving from Aug. 1861 to May 1862 with Company G 2nd New Mexico Inf. He married Elizabeth Caroline GOLLIHER on May 15, 1862 in Hannibal, Marion Co, Mo. (They divorced in Quincy, IL in 1874.) His wife was the daughter of Patrick & Elizabeth MURRAY GALLAHER. John & Elizabeth known children carried the ROGERS surname. Their known children were: 1) Hester "Hattie" Maranda 1863-1927 married John William BREWER (lived Hannibal, Mo, Quincy, Adams Co, IL & Los Angeles CA); 2)Olivia born abt. 1866;
3)George Buhler 1867-1899 married Lula Rebecca REDDICK (lived Burton, Adams Co IL, Quincy, IL, & Hannibal, Mo.);
4)Elizabeth 1871-1944 married William BRASSELL, William Ivory LANE, & Wesley WILSON (lived Quincy, IL, Hannibal, Mo, Davenport, Scott Co. Iowa)

Fri Mar 2 4:01:20 2001
Name: judy long
Subject: ehrhart, wilson
Text of Query: any info for the ehrhart or frank wilson families is needed
Sun Feb 18 23:49:54 2001
Name: Toni Hess
Subject: Ira Means
Text of Query: Looking for information re: Ira M. Means b.6-15-1882 Valier, PA; d. 5-7-1951 McComb, IL. Married Mina Mundorf.
Sun Feb 18 23:48:08 2001
Name: Toni Hess
Email: tonigreg
Text of Query:
Sun Feb 11 15:54:25 2001
Name: Don W. Orr
Subject: Orr-Yates
Text of Query: Still looking for the descendants of Robert Robertson Orr who married Anna B. Yates in McDonough County Nov. 26, 1874. Three children Charles Leroy b. Oct. 1875 and 2 Orr girls names unknown born 1877 and 1879. More if this might fit any of your searches.
Don W. Orr......Washington State
Orr-McCleese-Yates-Coleman-Casselman-Tetrick-Johnson-and many more
Wed Feb 7 21:15:07 2001
Name: Abby Newell
Subject: England
Text of Query: Looking for information regarding marriage of Campbell ENGLAND to Rebecca WEATHERFORD. He was my gr-gr-gr-gr-uncle. They were supposidly married on 3-20-1859 in McDonough County, Illinois. Any help would be appreciated.

Mon Feb 5 11:46:12 2001
Name: Judith K. Arthur
Subject: Coker
Text of Query: I am researching the family of George Washington Coker b. 1821 who came to McDonough County from Tennessee sometime bef. 1848. He married Elizabeth Kennedy 3 Dec 1848 and Martha J. Raymond b. 1838, on 11 Apr 1869. His children in 1870 were:
John b. 1852, Margaret b. 1856, Dora b, 1860, William b. 1862, George b. 1865, Mary b. 1864, John b. 1866, and Gabiela b. 1869. He was a farmer and lived in Industry TWP. I would appreciate any information about this family.
Fri Feb 2 16:27:53 2001
Name: mardie dishion
Subject: baker bolton
Text of Query: my grandfather was born in colchester, mc donough county, so ive been told. his name was john henry baker. b 2-3-1871. father was joseph clark baker, mother francis elton bolton.
Wed Jan 31 11:46:47 2001
Name: bruce charleston
Subject: gurnee
Text of Query: Does anyone have information regarding a Halstead S
Gurnee who had a land patent in what i think is Hire township in 1817 for 160 acres?
1 SE 35/ 6-N 4-W No 4th PM - 1815 ILLINOIS MCDONOUGH
He was a veteran and this was military bounty land.
his son became mayor of chicago
Sun Jan 28 11:23:47 2001
Name: Nancie Brunk
Text of Query: Mary Minerva Rogers m. Martin M. Hanan, McDonough Co; dates 1840-1920's. Need help finding a family for Mary Minerva!
Thu Jan 25 10:21:12 2001
Name: Gene Chatfield
Subject: Joseph &/or Polly (McQuaid(e)) Sprague
Text of Query: Joseph & Polly Sprague moved from Ohio to Illinois in the early 1850's with their son Cornelius. Both Joseph & Polly died in the mid 1850's. Looking for any information in this regards. Many thanks, Gene
Tue Jan 23 18:54:58 2001
Name: mardell dishion
Subject: baker john henry or joseph clark baker
Text of Query: john henry baker dob 1871 in mcdonough county fatherjoseph clark baker
Tue Jan 23 18:54:45 2001
Name: mardell dishion
Subject: baker john henry or joseph clark baker
Text of Query: john henry baker dob 1871 in mcdonough county fatherjoseph clark baker
Sun Jan 21 12:04:35 2001
Name: Dennis Haun
Subject: Tomberlin & Hays
Text of Query: I am looking for any information on the family of Nathaniel Hays, who was the son of Emmons Hays. Nathaniel Hays married Mrs. Priscilla Tomberlin daughter of Widow Celia Tomberlin in McDonough Co. date Sept, 24,1835. In McDonough 1850 Census this family is listed with the following children. Mary age 14, James 11, Isaac 7, Henry 4 and William age 2.Any information on this family would be much appreciated. Dennis. H.
Tue Jan 16 14:14:03 2001
Name: Robert Allpress
Subject: WILSON
Text of Query: Looking for information on Mark and Elizabeth WILSON who lived and died in the Macomb area. Known children of Mark and Elizabeth were; John, Maria, Frederick and Robert.
Sun Jan 7 13:29:51 2001
Name: Roland E. Nickelson
Subject: Mel & Olive Whipple
Text of Query: I am looking for information on Mel and Olive Whipple, the last information I have on them had them living in the Macomb, IL region . Olive is the sister to my Great Grandfather Herman Nickelson ( originally Nicholson) Perhaps we could start by seeing if they were buried somewhere in the area. Thank you for your help
Roland Nickelson
Garland, TX
Sat Jan 6 21:57:04 2001
Name: Jackie Bettinger
Subject: Charles Gray/Ella McGee
Text of Query: I'm looking for anyone who would have information in regards to the Gray Family in Bushnell, Illinois.
Charles Gray married Ella McGee. They had 7 children;Melvin,Zelpha, Lela, Marie, Mildred, Fred and Vera.
My grandmother was Zelpha Gray Brewer and am trying to do a genealogy on her side as well as the Brewer's. Supposedly my grandmother was born in Bushnell in 1901. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
Jackie Bettinger
Sat Jan 6 21:09:55 2001
Name: Debbie Stevens
Subject: Melling,Shults,Hankins,King,Shirkey
Text of Query: I am looking for any living relatives of Robert Melling,
He married Mary Hankins and had four children. They lived
in Macomb, Illinois in the county of McDonough from about
1890 to 1920. I believe at one time he was a potter. They
had four children, Robert Roscoe Melling, Clyde Melling,
Marvel Melling King, and Evelyn (consuela) Melling Shults Shirkey.
Robert and Mary are both buried in Oakwood cemetery in Macomb.
Thanks in advance Debbie
Sat Jan 6 19:33:42 2001
Name: Phyllis (Hodgen) Hansen
Subject: HODGEN
Text of Query: I found mention of a WILLIAM HODGEN in the McDonough County,
Ill. 1861 Military Census, New Salem Township. Does anyone
know anything about this William Hodgen?
Sat Jan 6 0:34:12 2001
Name: Jodylin Simpson
Text of Query: Looking for information on Frank Alexander SIMPSON, son of Silas Lewis SIMPSON + Cornelia Jane BOONE.
Frank Simpson married Ruby Bell LORING in 1909. They were divorced in 1913 or 1914. He remarried #2 Stella ? , # 3 Ethel ? Frank SIMPSON died in Macomb, McDonough Co. IL in 1967. My father never got to know his father(Frank)since they divorced when he was an infant,and wondered what became of him, or if he has any 1/2 siblings (rumor has it there's quite a few).
Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Jodylin Simpson
Wed Jan 3 14:02:53 2001
Name: Richard Embry
Subject: Jeremiah & Margaret Foster Sullivan
Text of Query: Looking for information on the above Family, Jeremiah
Sullivan B: January 22, 1817 in Washington Co. Pennsylvania
He moved to McDonough Co. Illinois and lived in the Scotland
Twp. He died November 20, 1871. Jeremiah married Margaret
Sullivan May 4, 1843 in McDonough Co. Looking for anyone
who has information on this family, Children, Dates and
area where Jeremiah lived. He was the son of Joseph
Sullivan & Margaret Lutton, Joseph & Margaret lived in the
same area as Jeremiah, Joseph born March 2, 1787 in
Washington Co. PA. and Died April 7, 1854 in Scotland Twp.
Is there anyone who can help me on the Research of this
Family in McDonough Co. or is a Decendant of this family.
Thank you for any information
Wed Jan 3 12:52:14 2001
Name: Jan Foster
Text of Query: William Tharp/Thorp, 1850, NJ. was a resident of Macomb, IL-ca.1940-as per, the obit. of his brother, Whitfield Tharp Jr., my ggrandfather.
Would like to find, death date, and/or more about William Tharp. I have info on his parents/sibling from NJ.>IL.

Tue Jan 2 17:17:59 2001
Name: Nicki Hazzard
Subject: Bradman and Lawler
Text of Query: Looking for information on Arther and Zoe E (Lawler) Bradman
Tue Jan 2 13:03:04 2001
Name: Vicki L Swank
Subject: BUTLER
Text of Query: I am researching John Butler who married Almira Hughes in New York. They
had the following children:
Mary Abigail m. Willim McHendry in Fulton Co., IL
Cyrus Freeman d. during the Civil War.
Celestia m. Augustus Waters in McDonough Co., IL
Charles m. Mary Jane Barlow in McDonough Co., IL
Jane Ann m. (1) France Marion George in Fulton Co., IL, (2) Jehu Hale
Emma never married
Martha Permelia m. Robert Mitchell in McDonough Co., IL
Esther Ann m. (1) Thomas Skein in McDonough Co., IL, (2) ? Cook
Most of these people are buried in Harris Cemetery, Eldorado Twp.,
McDonough Co., IL
Any help anyone could give me with these families would be greatly

Tue Jan 2 13:02:21 2001
Name: Julie Grooms
Email: <>
Text of Query: Looking for relatives of James and Winifred Logan. They are burried in
Camp Creek Cemetary in MaComb. She was my great aunt. Her parents were
Franklin and Susanna Clark. Siblings are Josephing Clark Billings, Cora
Effie Clark, George R. Clark and W.A. "Joe" Clark whom was my Great
Grandpa. Any info on this clan???

Tue Jan 2 13:00:51 2001
Name: Christine Henderson
Subject: MATHENY
Text of Query: MATHENY, John C., died in Prairie City in 1859. Hoping to contact family.

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